Impact Of Videos On Social Media

Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

Humans are visual beings and can process visuals 1000 times faster than plain texts. YellowOrange Labs, one of the best social media marketing agency, always strive towards incorporating visual contents into the regular marketing strategies, which are the most popular digital marketing ideas. Video ignites personal connection and emotion.

Research done by the top social media marketing company in Bangalore has found that videos are the most interactive type of content, because people respond to videos at a much higher rate than other type of content like, images, infographics, articles/blogs etc. Growth in video on social media has been continuously exploding over the recent years. The usage of video content on social media platforms is at its peak.

The allure of video for marketing is quite simple. In an era where we are constantly bombarded with digital messages as plain texts, a good, meaningful video or a small snippet can generate personal feeling and authenticity for the brand and the message as well.

Video for building your brand : Some of the top digital marketing agency in Bangalore, India have formulated few steps for building a successful brand. By strategizing and organising the business plan based on how you want your products or services to be perceived by your customers, enables you to deliver the same and successfully communicate the promise. Videos provides a convenient medium for this communication and allows the audience to see the genuineness of the brand. Another aspect to brand building is to showcase the expertise. This can be efficiently done through videos.

Video for increasing your credibility : An online video can help to understand the product or the services in a better way. When an explanation is needed, a video is an excellent medium, because the customers are comfortable with videos rather than plain texts. Your happiest customers can do the talking for your brand because testimonial videos can win trust and increase credibility.

Video has a greater reach and a higher response rate : Videos help to catch people's attention and encourage more views, shares, and engagement. Genuine, original videos are always prioritized by search engines. And a strong distribution is established when people keep returning to the site to watch the videos. Search engines also prioritizes videos that encourage person-to-person interactions. Videos which have a greater reach also has a higher response rate and engagement.

Video for greater exposure : As we all know, when it comes to marketing, content is king. The best content marketing company in Bangalore focus mainly on creating attention-grabbing videos and infographics that always engages with audiences in a much better way. Working on modification of the existing content or creating a brand-new modified content can provide wider exposure. While some people prefer to watch a video tutorial, others may prefer to download a product brochure. This increases the chance of exposing the content to your customers in a different format.

Videos to drive conversions : Short, promotional videos are a great way to bring forward the main benefits and the best features of the product or services and put them on your website. How-to videos are another great way to engage with the customers with a buying intention. Best social media marketing agency in Bangalore, India has always been successfully providing services with the help of a tutorial or a how-to video. Another aspect to drive conversions are to have a good customer experience. Best way to test this is to have a personal experience and an easy and fun onboarding process.

Apart from these, it is extremely important to note that even if videos drive traffic and conversions, but merely creating and uploading videos will not help. A proper planning and strategy must be formulated so that the videos reach the target audience. These videos also should be effectively customized for compatibility with other online accounts. Each video should be made keeping in mind the target audience, the message to be conveyed, and the benefits of that product or service.

YellowOrange Labs, headquartered in Bangalore is a Social Media Agency, that aim towards creating a powerful bond with the client, making the presence felt everywhere in a right way and thereby contributing towards building the brand image, which eventually increases conversion and boost Return on Investment.

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