World of Warcraft Chains of Domination and Burning Crusade will not be released

Posted by annesmith0117 on April 28th, 2021

Players of World of Warcraft do not know how to choose between World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and World of Warcraft Classic. This is because Shadowlands is currently preparing the upcoming 9.1 Domination Chain Patch. At the same time, World of Warcraft Classic is preparing to release an expanded version of Burning Crusade. What makes players feel uneasy is that these two events overlap in time, and many WOW Classic Gold players worry that the two will arrive at the same time. However, fortunately, Blizzard has stated that it will not force players to choose, and World of Warcraft players can choose freely.

Blizzard recently launched the Beta version of Chains of Domination and Burning Crusade at the same time, which makes players involuntarily worried. Judging from the pace of Blizzard’s previous release of new versions, Blizzard released the update at a fairly reliable pace after releasing the beta version. However, in this case, Blizzard seems to have to postpone the release of one of their Beta versions in order to prevent them from overlapping. In this way, Chains of Domination or Burning Crusade will still be available for a period of time before his launch.

World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas spoke directly on the possibility of simultaneous release of the two updates in an interview with the live broadcast company LingHunFuSu. Hazzikostas said Blizzard will ensure that each release has enough "time and space to breathe on its own." It is clearly stated that Chains of Domination and Burning Crusade are extremely unlikely to Buy WOW Classic Gold be released at the same time.

Hazzikostas explained that Blizzard understands that some players are playing each version of World of Warcraft, not another version, so he hopes to avoid conflicts between the two Betas. In this way, the current beta situation of the two versions of World of Warcraft is that both Chains of Domination and Burning Crusade can be tested at the same time, and they will eventually be developed by mistake, so that they will not affect each other and will not affect players playing World of Warcraft. Every version.

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