Best Content Optimization Strategies To Combat Sales During COVID-19

Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

By generating custom digital content that can outsmart the competition with account based tailored marketing strategies and best-in-class digital marketing services, the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore work towards the prosperity and well-being of an organisation.

It is being rightly said that content is the reason search began in the first place. Content is the king and high-quality content is quintessential for a site to rank well in organic search results. The best social media marketing agency in Bangalore has clarified that without useful and relevant content, a site fails to motivate its visitors to engage and arouse interests. It is highly desirable that your customers have a strong emotional connection with your brand or products. They need to feel for it, in the absence of which, you tend to lose them over your competition.

Listed below are few of the key benefits of good, quality content :

  • Quality contents drives conversion.
  • Content is the most cost-effective way to divert traffic to your site.
  • Consistent, good quality and compelling content influence customer's decision making.
  • Content helps in improving the SEO and this will help optimize your site to rank higher in SERP.
  • Good content helps you reach out to the target audience.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on the global economy directly affecting hundreds of thousands of people. The proliferation of COVID-19 across the world has called for restrictions in multiple stages of a business life cycle with a range of economic, security and geopolitical impacts.

We bring in here a deep understanding and advise on how business giants are responding to this challenge through content, compiled by some of the best content marketing company in Bangalore.

  • Coming back to organic search : According to survey, majority of traffic to websites comes from organic search and a small component of traffic comes from paid search. Many companies have terminated paid search due to COVID related business interruptions. So, this is the best time to evaluate the best content optimization strategies to drive the desired traffic to your site.
  • Content Optimization provides higher engagement rate : A good piece of optimized content can bring in a significant rise in the level of engagement. Engagement helps foster trust and relationship among customers. This helps in building brand awareness and expanding the online reach. Take the opportunity now to review the top performing contents and work towards filling the gaps in your customer's journey.
  • Content Optimization for dynamically managing web presence : For building excellent web presence of your site, it involves some tactics and elements like paid advertising, social media optimization etc. Each of these components can be integrated simultaneously to generate powerful benefits. Awesome content marketing through blogs, articles, press-releases, videos, infographics can help find potential leads. Make sure to have your content optimized to reach out to the right segment of audience.
  • Dropping conversion rate does not mean end of business : A sharp decline in the conversion rates has been seen due to COVID pandemic. Individuals have become accustomed to their work-from-home scenario, economy has seen an ever increasing low, we all can hope to find some solace in knowing that we are experiencing it all together. During this time of crisis, the best thing that can be done is to be in constant touch with the consumers through optimized content. They will not get converted now but it can be assured that those will become the most loyal customers later.

Although it is known that time is going to tell, but with a good, proper and a sound plan we can manage to survive through this difficult time. In this uncertainty, it is not easy to escape the stress. But if this time is best utilized to contribute towards the needs of the clients and customers, step back and evaluate to form content oriented and content optimized short-time strategies on how the contents can serve them well. Utilize these content optimization strategies to keep the business running!!!

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