How AI will Influence Digital Marketing in the Near Future

Posted by YellowOrangeLabs on April 28th, 2021

The world is changing fast and has come a long way in terms of technology. The best digital marketing agency in Bangalore has been successfully incorporating AI in their marketing strategies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), also called Machine Intelligence is the ability of the machines to meaningfully improve people's lives. These intelligent machines work and react like humans, continuously learn from past experiences, adapt to new changes and perform human-like activities.

AI in Digital marketing : AI has the potential to work wonders for businesses. It is an incredible technology and can deliver efficiency through real-time insights and recommendations. The most important aspect of AI lies in its ability to reach out to the right segment of audience. Over the last couple of years, digital marketing techniques has transformed rapidly. AI is a technology that can be leveraged in marketing strategies to enhance the customer journey. The AI techniques uses advanced analytics and other processes like machine learning to boost the company's ROI (Return on Investment).

How AI can be incorporated into Digital Marketing : AI can be incorporated into digital marketing to optimize and speed up the marketing strategies, elevate customer engagement and drive conversions. Listed below are the few ways to incorporate AI into digital marketing.

  • Increased Personalization: Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective as they once were because of their inability to tailor messages to their consumers according to their demographics or interests. AI technologies can predict customer behaviour based on the previously collected data and brand interactions and this enables the marketeers to communicate with their customers on an individual level rather than a generic one.
  • Curated Contents: AI has the potential to streamline the marketing process with curated contents. With the help of predictive analysis and algorithms, personalized contents can be created and can be analysed and compared to identify the best and the least performing content to promote the right content for the right audience.
  • Real-time Tracking: AI incorporation allows marketers to track the performance of their marketing strategies on a real-time basis. With integrated insights, marketers have rich data of their customer's behaviour. With these insights, marketers can determine how a post is doing in terms of the number of likes, comments and shares. These insights also allow marketers to understand how each post is being perceived.
  • Sales Forecast: AI increases efficiency in businesses by performing cognitive tasks. The core of intelligent data-driven experience is to have the right skill and tools to convert the collected data into meaningful insights. This standard approach enables a company to look at their pipeline opportunities and available data to forecast sales figures. AI technologies have made it possible to combine the power of data and analytics to predict and forecast sales.
  • Better user experience: Customers are more likely to spend time browsing a site when they have a better user experience. With the help of cognitive algorithms, it is possible to analyse thousand of data of a single user and based on these data, user experience can be adapted in real time.
  • Better Business Intelligence: It takes a huge amount of time to develop the right algorithm for businesses. But machine learning with predictive analytics allows models to go for production with much lesser time and much better accuracy. This is because as new data is gathered from access points across the business, the models analyse and understands those data to spot trends and irregularities. In an environment with ever increasing competition, where speed and the need for accuracy is a must, AI powered Business Intelligent solutions are a prerequisite.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are applications used by organisations to conduct a live chat or conversation via text. This is a popular and a very convenient way for companies to interact with their customers and to provide them with a way to respond to their queries or to search for their products. These bots powered by AI uses machine learning and other techniques to come up with a correct response.

AI has revolutionized the entire face of marketing. The world has progressed significantly, and Artificial Intelligence is an incredible accomplishment. These smart algorithms can predict customer behaviour and can intelligently identify and nurture the most valuable leads. This will also act as a parameter to plan future marketing campaigns.

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