K-pop: A Global Phenomenon with the World’s Most Obsessed Fandom

Posted by Mortensen Pape on April 28th, 2021

Short for Korean pop, K-pop represents South Korea’s famous musical landscape and has come to be known as a distinguished sound that blends styles of music from all over the world. The attraction with the genre originates from Hallyu, which translates to the Korean Wave; since the 1990s, Korean culture has evolved globally (specifically in the West) in fashion, beauty, TV, film, and other media and, obviously, music. K-pop idols More usually, the dance culture of K-pop is enclosed around the concept of Korean k-pop idols, an artist that exists in the mainstream and works as a role model and influence on younger fans. To be a K-pop idol is more than simply being attractive, though. Having such a vast platform comes with tremendous responsibility, and K-pop stars choose to develop positivity as much as they can. Apart from lyrical messages of being and loving yourself, having fun, and chasing your dreams, K-pop idols are prompted to donate to charities, represent helpful organizations and typically work to make the world a better place. kpop bands have the biggest fans on the planet. So why is K-pop so popular? A huge factor in the popularity of K-pop is social media. K-pop bands are encouraged to use social media to communicate with their fans and spread their reach, with no platform being off limits (although Instagram is the favored one). With live videos, k-pop lifestyle updates, selfies, funny behind-the-scenes shots, and modelesque fashion shoots, following a K-pop idol on social media is a hobby of its own. At the heart of the Army is a highly connected social media world where there is an infinite amount of BTS content. BTS is the number one mentioned artist on Tumblr, with fans worldwide translating every single piece of consumer-facing content for fans who don’t speak Korean. The band also provides daily access to their lives, allowing fans to know them intimately, providing the latest k-pop news , driving the fandom even more. Brand Takeouts These fandoms are large groups of young people who are open to brands if it supports their cause. Suppose you can find a way for your brand to become part of these online fandoms in a way that moves them forward, represents their values, and doesn’t feel intrusive. In that case, you are part of an online world, a new world, where young people are not only hanging out but fundamentally making a difference and getting the latest k-drama news. Many layers make up the wonder that is K-pop, but possibly what makes it the most popular is its intrigue. Being a fan of K-pop is always expecting what aesthetic your idols will develop next, what the following video will look like, and what the next single will sound like. While we’ve seen our favorite Western pop stars always in the spotlight, it’s refreshing to burst our little bubble and move into a whole new world. K-pop is a trailblazer for several different things, but most importantly, it’s becoming the way we devour music. At its core, K-pop wants to unite everyone together. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, music is music, and it needs to be heard and felt.

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