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Posted by jackie dcruz on April 28th, 2021

We have already seen in previous articles how Instagram works. Reasumiendo is a social network for photos and videos and it has become the most followed social network in recent times. We are sure that you use it daily and in particular, little by little, you also accumulate your first followers. Now would you like to know how to make money on instagram?

How do influencers make money on Instagram? The answer to all these questions is yes, you should know immediately that making money with Instagram is not as easy as it seems. I'm not saying this to demoralize you, on the contrary, it's to encourage you to really want to learn as much as possible. This article wants precisely to help you on that path for how to make money on Instagram.

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Publish quality content

Instagram is a widely used social network and for businesses to notice you should definitely try to stand out from the crowd. The first piece of advice I want to give you to help you become popular on Instagram is to post quality content, shared regularly: you cannot attract attention.

Also, before you start, you should be clear about the type of audience you want to target. The main element that will be the key to your success will be the fact that you have clear ideas about the content to publish: you do not have to proceed randomly, but it is good to specialize in a specific topic. You're not sure where to start? My suggestion is to start writing two lines on a piece of paper and write what your initial ideas might be. Do you have a hobby, a passion or are you good at a certain sector?

How to make money on Instagram: tips

Surely it will not be easy to understand how to publish quality content if you are at the beginning, but my advice is initially to proceed by attempts, trial and error.

 If you are undecided about certain types of content to be published, try to publish them to test the reactions of your audience. Once you understand this, you will always have to publish content online: the trick is to publish a series of images that have your signature, that is, your original and personal touch that always distinguishes them. Well, because it is important that your style is recognized from a distance: in this way your photos will be recognized with just a glance among all the others. Take your time to be as creative as possible and tell a story through your account. You will see that people will be passionate.

The importance of using filters

One tool you can use to bring creative images to life are filters. It may seem like the most trivial tool of all, but it was precisely the filters that, among all of them, made Instagram one of the most popular social networks. Using Instagram filters you will give your images a unique and original look. According to some studies, the most striking filters that people like are Earlybird, X-Proll, Hefe, Rise, Valencia, Amaro, Brannan, Lomo-fi, Hudson .

Influencers on Instagram: reach the public with hashtags

Do you know what hashtags (#) are? They are simply tags that will allow you to categorize the image you share, allowing you to reach the interested audience directly.

In fact, since the purpose of the hashtag is mainly to summarize the subject of the photo, this factor will allow you to reach a greater number of audiences, increasing the visibility of the shared content. You can enter up to 30 hashtags per shared content, but be careful to be very specific, using a combination of popular and photo-related hashtags. In short, the hashtags that we will insert in the photo must be related. Just to give an example, if you share your selfie photo, you will need to use the related hashtags.

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Interact with the community

Instagram is a social network, so don't forget to interact with other people. A little advice: I don't know if you've ever noticed it, but on Instagram many people put “I like it”, but only some comment. So here's what you should do: Once you are familiar with Instagram, engage with the community frequently through comments.

I suggest you comment because, in my opinion, likes are a bit more anonymous tool. If you leave a comment on a photo, you will see that you will not go unnoticed and many will visit your profile. Time that you will need to invest precisely to comment on other popular accounts. Like and comment on its content, you will trivially take advantage of its popularity so that you are noticed too. Interact with the community and communicate with other users to involve them in your content publishing activity. Try to generate relevant discussions, make constructive criticism and comments, stimulating dialogue: you have to make yourself known and value yourself.

Be a kind and positive person, and if you have come to trust someone more famous, you may be able to ask them to help you grow. For example, ask if they can create a collaboration, this way they could give each other support and visibility.

Expand your audience

One of the most useful tips I can give you to get more followers on Instagram is to connect your profile to Facebook. By connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook account, all the content you share on the photo social network will also be automatically shared on Facebook.

To do this, simply go to your Instagram profile and press the gear icon located at the top right. In the Settings section, tap Connected accounts, then select Facebook from the list of available social services.

By linking your accounts and giving permission to post, Instagram will automatically post your content to Mark Zuckerberg's other social network. To do this, you only need to select the Facebook button when publishing: the application will take care of sharing.

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