Can the right diet plan curb intestinal tuberculosis signs?

Posted by Daniel Disusa on August 20th, 2015


Intestinal tuberculosis treatment involves the use of strong and specialised medications that are to be consumed on a long term basis, in order to alleviate the debilitating signs of the disease. However, the treatment can be boosted by adopting right diet plans that help regain overall health and wellness, along with keeping intestinal TB symptoms at bay. But, this doesn’t lessen the indispensability of antibiotics and other medications that are mandatorily recommended for intestinal tuberculosis treatment. Diet plans ease digestion and help feel better in quicker and effective manner. It also aids the capability of patients’ body to fight off the disease condition with the aid of right nutrition, which is indispensable for intestinal tuberculosis treatment. That said, one has to be aware that intestinal TB cannot be completely cured, though one can achieve the symptom-free or flare-up-free stage with the aid of right medications as well as balanced diet and lifestyle plans. Diet plans avoid the risks of malnutrition and weight loss, which are the major causes that exacerbate intestinal TB conditions. One has to have a strong body to defend the tough signs of intestinal tuberculosis. Nutrient loss or poor nutrition can result in persistent and active intestinal tuberculosis. Hence, in order to strengthen the body to fight intestinal TB it’s crucial to feed oneself with the right foods:




In order to get the balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients that are indispensable to fight active intestinal tuberculosis conditions, one has to choose a diet plan that contains a variety of healthy and nutritious foods such as:




  1. Kale and spinach that are leafy and dark coloured. They contain substantial amount of iron and vitamin B

  2. Whole grains such as whole wheat pastas, breads, and cereals

  3. Coloured vegetable and fruits such as carrot, pepper, squash, tomatoes, blueberries, and cherries

  4. Vegetable oil with unsaturated fats




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