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A wide variety of tools and simple navigation coupled with web search features makes it more fascinating among other available genealogy software.   

Family Tree Maker 2019 is not only a boon for beginners but also a blessing for the experts.

The advanced features to manage data and generate various charts and reports results in family history that you relish for years and years.

Key Features in Family Tree Maker 2019

  • Build your tree with easy steps
  • one click Sync with
  • Ancestry and Family Search hints
  • View collaborative maps & family history timelines

10 Tips for Using Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker has for ages been the standard-bearer for background computer applications programs. Indeed, our very first issue–January 2000–included an article on using Family Tree Maker 6.0. However, when announced that it was discontinuing the software in 2015, a few genealogists left it for dead.

To help you make the most of the app, we have assembled these 12 tips for using Family Tree Maker.
But the program has experienced a renaissance since being purchased by Software MacKiev. Family Tree Maker 2017 was the first to permit for syncing between it and also a family tree on And following updates have incorporated even more performance whilst maintaining the same features that attracted genealogists at the first place.
Note: Regardless of the somewhat similar titles, Family Tree Magazine Isn’t connected with Family Tree Maker. The software application is created by a separate business.

1. Import your family tree.

If you’ve already assembled an electronic family tree, you can save valuable research time by importing it into Family Tree Maker. You can either upload a GEDCOM file (under Plan>New Tree, click Import an Existing Tree) or download a tree from or even FamilySearch. (Just make sure the data imports properly!) Do not worry if you are new to family-tree-building or want to start new –you may also make a new tree manually, adding one individual at one time.

2. Add life events.

You can select preformatted key life events (“facts”) to add to a person in your family tree. While in the Tree window, then select a Individual and click Customize View. From there, you can add individual facts (baptism, burial, birth, etc.) in addition to shared details (marriage license, divorce, etc.) You can also add a custom reality and specify what fields you want associated with its entry (such as date or place).

3. Change your date tastes

Family Tree Maker formats dates always across your shrub, which makes it simpler for you to review them in a glance. To alter how dates are formatted, select Tools from the dropdown menu, then choose Options. From this window, select Names/Dates/Places and a format (for example”Day Month Year”) for both screen and input formats. (Mac users: Select Preferences, then Dates/Names/Places.)

4. Clean up your titles and places

You can change how your ancestors’ names are formatted in bulk below Tools>Convert Names, convenient if they have been capitalized inconsistently. Similarly, Family Tree Maker can help standardize your place names. Under Tools>Resolve All Place Names, you’ll observe all locations that Family Tree Maker doesn’t recognize. The tool provides a proposed standardized place name, and you can either accept the suggested choice or dismiss it altogether. Click Other to hunt for a different spelling of the name.

5. Make the most of descriptions

Each fact includes a description field where you are able to add more info, ideal for including details which don’t fit neatly everywhere. If you do not find the Description area, visit the individual view, then pick a fact. Under Options, choose Fact Properties. Then be certain trick is comprised beneath Fact Elements.

6. Copy facts from 1 individual to another

Adding events which influenced several individuals –such as home data from censuses–could be dull. Proceed to the People window, and then the Individual tab. Make certain Truth is chosen in the menu, then click on the goal fact and choose Copy. Click off, then click on the reality again and choose Paste. Click on the checkmark beside your profile(s) you would like to bring the truth.

7. Sort through conflicting data

If your ancestor has multiple particulars associated with a proven fact (for instance, conflicting dates of birth), pick which will be”preferred.” Preferred details will usually be shown in reports and other exported versions of your tree, but Family Tree Maker will still keep this alternate information (useful if you are still determining which data is right ).

8. Create reports

Family Tree Maker presents several alternatives for reports which you are able to create and export. All these are excellent to discuss with family, friends and other investigators. Additionally, reports can help you look over your work with new eyes. Access accounts beneath the Publish window.

9. Record speeches

Family Tree Maker includes three different place-related fact types: Address (the modern place someone lived or worked, commonly used for postal purposes), Home (associated with real estate) and Residence (where somebody mentioned in a record lived).

Select which truth best applies to the event that you want to document, and be consistent in the way you use that fact type. You can even think about suggesting a number of this address in the Place field of different details, and then including the remainder in the Description or Note fields.

10. Do not confuse will and probate

Some genealogists believe both of these”events” would be the same, but Family Tree Maker has different fact types because of this. Wills are written documents prepared in front of a individual’s death, while”probate” refers to legal proceeding following a person’s death.

Hence the Date and Position fields of probate details should consult with when and where the court ruled on the dead person’s case, while those areas in the fact of the will need to indicate where and when that record was ready.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the update.

Green Weather

Q: Would you get the green weather after the update is installed?

A: Yes. You should see normal sync weather conditions in FTM 2019 after installing the 24.0.1 update, which means it is safe to sync.

Q: Will this update fixed the weather on both FTM 2017 and FTM 2019?

A: No. Only on Family Tree Maker 2019 weather will be green.

Q: How weather is orange for FTM 2017 and green for FTM 2019?

A: Weather is dynamic and changes in different situations.

Q: What about a sync failure while the weather is orange in FTM 2019, is it okay to start syncing?

A: Read the article by clicking here, first. Once you read the support article about recovering from a sync failure before you resume syncing.


Q: What about the update if I am using Family Tree Maker 2019 users?

A: You will get a similar update for FTM 2019.

Q: Do I sync FTM 2017 before migrating to FTM 2019?

A: No. Just back up your FTM 2017 trees and make your next sync on FTM 2019.

Q: How to know if the update I installed was successful?

A: Click on About box by selecting About Family Tree Maker from the Help menuon Windows computer or the Family Tree Maker 2019 menuon the Mac computer.

Q: After downloading the Update, what if About box still shows an older build?

A: Once you download the update, you must run the updater file, to update your copy of FTM 2019 to version 24.0.1. If you do not get the on-screen instructions, double-click the file you downloaded to install it.

Q: I have downloaded the updater, but I cannot find it on my computer. What to do next?

A: You can search for the file names and file sizes:

On Windows Computer –

File name: FTM2019Updater01.exe
Size: 129.75 MB
On Mac Computer –
File name: FTM2019Updater01.dmg
Size: 272.70 MB

Q: I could not find my trees in the Plan workspace after update is completed. What should I do?

A: Click on File and then click on Open to open the trees which are not listed one by one to add them back again


Q: How to use the Charting Companion 7 to work in FTM 2019 after the I installed the update?

A: Charting Companion 7 should show up under Plugins as usual after the 24.0.1 update. You can try to reinstall the plugin if you face any problem with it. If you need more help on troubleshooting for Charting Companion 7 please click here.

Q: Do I have to do anything to get Family Book Creator to work in FTM 2019 after the update?

A: Family Book Creator plugins should run as usual after applying the 24.0.1 update. However, if you run into any problems, try to reinstall the plugin. If you think you need more troubleshooting help for Family Book Creator, please click here.

Other Questions:

Q: Will My Family Tree Maker 2019 24.0 files be converted again?

A: No, original release and the update are of same format so there is no conversion needed.

Q: What to do after there is a problem with the 24.0.1 update?

A: You can contact the support technicians on the phone and on chat. Support is available 24/7.

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