Is It Possible To Cure Tinnitus?

Posted by Rex Conner on April 28th, 2021

Experiencing a sudden ringing in the ears without any presence of external noise can be diagnosed as tinnitus. In this condition someone can hear sounds like clicking, roaring, hissing or buzzing which can be high-pitched or low-pitched and can lead to other issues related to hearing, sleeping or working. If you’re experiencing something similar it is recommended to get a hearing test as soon as possible.

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Tinnitus is considered a sign related to your auditory system rather than a disease. With medical science growing at a rapid pace, there are multiple remedies available such as tinnitus sound therapy, hearing aids, customized sound machines, earwax removal and more to stop the perceived sound and help you to provide a better quality of life. 

Tinnitus sound therapy

After a successful diagnosis, your hearing aid practitioner may suggest sound therapy for tinnitus. This therapy which is also known as acoustic therapy helps to reduce the buzzing noise in your ears caused by tinnitus. Originally developed as a distraction for people experiencing tinnitus, this therapy now involves low-level background sounds to reduce the ringing in the ears. These background noises can be helpful in many ways including covering some sound in the ears, habituating your brain to ignore tinnitus and treat it like a less important sound and more.

There are devices that are used to make quiet background music that sounds at specific frequencies that are apt for your condition. In some instances, hearing aids also help to reduce the effect of tinnitus by sounding louder to mask the condition. These background sounds can be similar to radio static sounds and can be divided into white and pink noise based on their number of vibrations per second which is also known as pitch. Tinnitus sound therapy can also involve moderate-tempo or instrumental music to help you deal with this condition.    

Hearing aids

Tinnitus can be related to the early symptoms of hearing loss as your brain undergoes some changes in processing sound frequencies when you start losing hearing. Hearing aids use a microphone, amplifier and speaker that help to increase the volume of the external sounds that in turn lets you notice your tinnitus comparatively less.

Sound masking devices

These devices help to partially reduce the internal sound of tinnitus by producing pleasant external noise. You can find them as a table-top device or even as a small device that fits in the ear. There are various types of noises that these devices produce such as white noise, pink noise, nature sounds and more ambient music to mask the sound of ringing due to tinnitus.

Behavioural therapy

Tinnitus can be associated with emotional stress, depression, anxiety and even insomnia. Apart from reducing or masking the sound of the tinnitus, through this cognitive behavioural therapy doctors help people to learn to live with their condition. This therapy will teach you how to accept the situation and focus on improving to achieve a better quality of life. In CBT, a counsellor will identify negative thought patterns. And it works on people with tinnitus as well as a treatment for depression and improving overall mental health.

Customized sound machines

While standard sound machines help to mask the internal sound of tinnitus, customized sound machines use an advanced approach and provide you with customized sounds tailored for one’s tinnitus. You can experience the benefits long after switching off the device and can have a long-term improvement in perceiving the noise in your ears due to tinnitus.

Progressive tinnitus management 

One of the common tinnitus solutions can be tinnitus management, which is a therapeutic program and often involves veterans of the armed services who have to face loud noises of war and training that can often lead to hearing problems.

Using Antidepressants 

There are multiple approaches that can be taken to treat your tinnitus and can involve antidepressants and antianxiety medicines that help you to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and make them less annoying as well as help you to treat insomnia as well.

Practicing Mindfulness

Originally developed to sway people’s attention from their chronic pain, practicing mindfulness has also benefited      people experiencing internal sounds due to tinnitus. Apart from that this also helps in reducing depression, anxiety and agitation as well if you practice regularly.

Alternative Treatments

People also tend to adopt alternative approaches like nutrition supplements, acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathic remedies to treat their tinnitus. Though these are not backed up by science, there are instances where people benefitted from these remedies.

While you may undergo several tests to determine the severity of your tinnitus, it      is recommended to visit your nearest Peterborough hearing clinic if you experience sudden deafness, or any symptoms related to tinnitus as soon as possible to treat this condition early.

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