How Plastic Bottle Caps are Made through Injection Molding?

Posted by joseph george on April 28th, 2021

The process of injection molding is highly used in making thousands of plastic components efficiently. It is a great manufacturing process to produce myriads of products. Almost everyone, around the world, interact with variety of bottles or container caps. Here we will discuss about plastic bottle caps which is manufactured by the injection molding process.

Whether we consider live-saving medication or water bottle or any other container, each one have caps to protect the material inside. These caps are made in variety of size, designs, and colors. A lot of efforts are needed to make them perfectly through injection molding process. The basic thing that is required to produce them is plastic cap mold and raw material.

Process of injection molding explained with the example of plastic caps or closures

Millions of plastic closures are made annually and the demand is rising day by day. The technology which is highly used to produce is known to all- The injection molding. This process allows for better precision, versatility, higher volume and lower cost, making is suitable for manufacturing of caps.

  • First of all suitable plastic cap mold design is manufacturing according to the specifications provided. The plastic pellet is melted by heat and pressure to fed it into mold for the desired shape and design we want.
  • The molten plastic is injected inside the mold in an appropriate amount which is referred as shots. The injection pressure, power, and shot volume, should be measured for the precise result.
  • The injected molten plastic is kept as such inside the mold for cooling. As soon as it begins to cool, the plastic begins to solidify taking the shape of mold. The mold should not be opened until the required cooling time gets over otherwise you won’t get the desired part as you want.
  • After sufficient time, the cooled part becomes ready to be ejected out. Ejection is simply a process to bring the molded plastic part (plastic cap in this case) out of the mold. After the part is ejected out, the mold can be made ready for the next shot to be injected.

After all the above mentioned steps, the plastic component sent for the post-processing. At last you get the desired part with the help of injection molding process. For accurate, quick, and affordable injection molding services, you can Visit

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