Interpreter services for pain-free cross-border IP litigation

Posted by Acadestudio on April 28th, 2021

The IP (Intellectual Property) litigation is one of the major patent lawsuits filed in the US court.  Many organizations worldwide file petitions claiming the other agency copied their patent. Although, it seems like a normal lawsuit filing but is also a time-consuming task. The legal proceeding becomes more complicated when clients from different countries are fighting cases.  Thus, to make cross border IP litigation successful, certified legal interpretation services are available round the clock. It is important to outsource professional agencies having years of experience in international litigation. Additionally, clients save a great deal of stress, time and capital by associating with professional services. Here are few things clients can do to make sure your border lawsuit is as easy as possible.

Develop a document list

As soon as possible, work with the in-house legal team to compile a list of documents that need to be produced during the legal proceedings. Courts demand correspondence evidence, submission copy, patent records and other kinds of documents. Therefore, clients must be prepared with all sort of documents. Also, make sure sharing and reviewing documents feature is accessible to all team members of your organization.

Develop a translation strategy

When working from your document list, identify documents that require interpretation. It is required for the internal purpose or to share it with other clients. Associate with certified legal interpretation services and involve them in every legal proceeding. Professional agencies identify any foreign language documents and interpret them to submit before the court. Certified services are acknowledged by the arbitral tribunal, government office or regulatory body. Credible service providers provide round the clock, affordable and quick turnaround time services.

Develop an interpretation strategy

Identify the person or remote activity you need legal interpretation services (presentation, meeting, hearing, hearing). Share that information with the interpretation services so that they utilize their technical background to understand the meeting’s agenda in advance. Thus, they prepare accordingly. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure they follow all health protocols. Professional remote interpretation agencies follow health protocols and ensure the safety of all attendees. Also, they deliver remote interpretation assistance to clients.

Reduce workload with specialized translation tools

Before outsourcing professional interpretation agencies, as they use specialized tools. It pulls the large sets of legal documents and manageable chunks of information. Few interpretation services utilize machine-translation method, few human resources and few the combination of both. Machine translation (MT) can be used to identify what information each document contain, helping to determine which ones require more accurate human translation. In few cases, MT can be substantial, leading to significant cost savings.

Final words

Expertise matters in every field, legal interpretation is no exception. Connecting with a credible service provider will deliver optimum results. They have certified and experienced linguistics. Also, they have skilled subject matter experts that can make you win or lose the legal battle. The ISO certification makes them your business best from the rest. During cross border IP litigation proceedings they play a crucial role in your brand reputation.

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