Prices and Features of the Best Email Verification Services in 2021

Posted by Jennifer on April 28th, 2021

Can't decide which email verifier tool is better for you? Are you looking for a thorough comparison of email verifier tools? Are you looking for a tool that offers the best combination of precision, price, and feature set? Go no further because we've put together this guide specifically for you. Cost, free plans, authentication processes, libraries, APIs, browser plugins, extra features, and tech support will all be compared.

Email address verifier tool that is SaaS (software as a service)

Email Verifier is a cloud-based email checker. It allows you to work directly from your browser, with all of your data stored in the cloud and all of your processing done there.

Subscription-based SaaS solutions usually have monthly caps on email verifier tools. Nonetheless, they have a wide range of freemiums and plans to fit every budget.

This type of model is ideal for those who don't need to validate emails regularly and want a pay-as-you-go or one-time approach. Additional benefits include unrestricted access to your account and servers from any laptop, anywhere in the world, teamwork options, no OS limits, and APIs.

Furthermore, several Email Verifiers are included in an all-in-one toolbox that is available as part of a single subscription. Email Verifiers offers an email verifier tool as part of its email finder/verifier/sender/tracker package, which is available as a free or paid plan.

It's worth noting that all forms of email verifier tools usually have single and bulk email authentication. If you can't seem to find an email verifier that works for you, contact the verification provider of your choosing to see what personalized solutions they have available.

Email verifier tools that are widely used

We hand-picked seven of the most reputable email verifiers on the market. Both of them are well-known and widely used by millions of marketing and sales professionals around the world.

We came up with the final seven by searching for similar terms like email address verifier tool, email authentication, and email checker. This is what anyone searching for a verifier tool will do, and this is what they'd find.

Please notice that we will not discuss free email verifiers. They don't normally make bulk email authentication or checks based on basic criteria (syntax errors, for example).

Email Verifier by findemailaddress is the first of its kind.

Email Verifier Tool by findemailaddress is a simple-to-use app that includes an email verification and bulk email verification services all in one place. You will clear your email list of invalid emails in minutes with its assistance. It also boasts a 98 percent accuracy score, rising deliverability, lowering bounce rates, and improving sender credibility.

The following are some of the most important features:

  • 7-tier verification method that involves catch-all address, syntax, gibberish, domain presence, MX log, and freemail tests, as well as SMTP authentication, that can be done right in the email verifier tool.
  • Real-time authentication means that you get only the most recent data.
  • API that helps you to incorporate email authentication into your app or CRM in a single or bulk manner.
  • CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets formats are all supported for list import and export.
  • On-the-go email verification, generation, and extraction from websites and social networks with this powerful Chrome extension.
  • 100% human Customer Service staff available via email, live chat, or phone to assist you with any question, problem, or order

The ZeroBounce

Thousands of companies around the world use ZeroBounce's email confirmation and checker program. It lets advertisers preserve cleaner files, prevent deliverability problems when delivering dynamic and high-volume newsletters, and secure their IP credibility, thanks to its 98 percent accuracy.

The following are some of the most important features:

  • Abuse email list checker that detects users who have marked emails as spam in the past.
  • Disposable email verifier tool that detects the use of temporary email accounts to hide actual email addresses.
  • Email validation API that helps you to immediately check email addresses on your website.
  • This is an email bounce validator that will help you figure out which emails are most likely to bounce.
  • 100 email addresses are included in the freemium plan.
  • 2,000 email addresses are each, 10,000 are each, and 100,000 are 0 each.

The hunter

The lead generation app includes an email finder and a mail tracker, as well as this email verifier tool. You will use this toolkit to locate all of the required emails and deliver promotions to legitimate addresses to reach out to your customers.

The following are some of the most important features:

  • Email authentication can be done individually or in bulk (for the latter, import the file in the dashboard).
  • API verifications allow you to combine the verifier with the email collection tools you already have.
  • True type, gibberish email addresses, disposable email addresses, webmail email addresses, the existence of MX records, SMTP, and accept-all domains are all verified during the multi-tier testing process.

Pricing is as follows:

  •         With a freemium package, you get 50 email addresses per month.
  •         For a month, you will get 500 email addresses.
  •         For a month, you get 2,500 email addresses.
  •         For 9 a month, you can get 10,000 email addresses.
  •         For 9 a month, you will get 30,000 email addresses.

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