E-Cigarettes ? The next Generation Rage

Posted by ovaleusa on August 21st, 2015

Technology in this era has impacted such sectors that sometimes are difficult to imagine. Right from e-books to e-shopping, e-commerce, e-tickets it has gone to e-cigarettes. No one would have imagined that even substances like cigarettes can be transformed in their mechanism and look and usage to this extent.

Most of these electronic cigarettes are similar in looks to normal ones and can be mistaken for regular cigarettes, but however a single look and feel inside and one can see the complete difference which is that E-cigarettes unlike the normal ones do not contain any tobacco. To substitute the tobacco there isa mechanism designed which heats up containing liquid nicotine and after which it turns into a vapor which is used by smokers to inhale and exhale.

Origin and the Amazing Discovery

Going back to the origin of this wonder product, Herbert A. Gilbert was the first ever person who had the great thought of an electronic smoking device to be innovated. He was concerned about the health issues caused by smoking of tobacco and in 1963 he successfully managed to file a patent for a product with this concept which was to be a great innovation.

Today very popular and sold in stores and online e-commerce websites globally, most of the recent models of these products are automatic where the user initially sucks on the e-cigarette, after which a sensor activates an inside heating element which in turn vaporizes the containing liquid solution held in the mouthpiece. An LED on this gives an indication whether the cigarette when the user inhales has been activated or not. The user has an option to choose to have nicotine or not in the flavored liquid solution. In previous models, there was option for a little button which was used to turn the heating element on or off. People can choose the Istick 40w tc options when in need.

The device which is slowly gaining tremendous popularity has a solution called the e-liquid coming in different flavors to choose from and it comes in different concentrations of nicotine level varying from zero to extra-high. Most devices similar in make have a mouthpiece which is also called as the cartridge, a heating element which is also called as the atomizer, a lithium ion battery which is rechargeable, and some electronic underlying circuits. People can choose what suits them best and add Premium eliquid as well.

There are several temp control devices that are now available to avoid overheating of the containing liquid. Going through revolution, there are Millions of people who have opted for these devices. These electronic cigarettes are however not available in all regions and should be checked though it is available throughout USA. For more details please visit http://www.basearticles.com/Article/120538/E-Cigarettes--The-next-Generation-Rage.html

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