Pinning ceremony for the nurses

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A nursing pin is basically such a kind of badge that is most of the times made from a certain metal like gold, silver, etc. It is supposed to be worn by nurses for identifying the schools of nursing from which the nurses got their graduation degree. Typically, they are supposed to be presented to those nurses who are considered as new graduates from a particular school by the faculty at a special ceremony which is called a nursing pinning ceremony; it is a symbol for welcoming the nurses into this profession. Most of the pins are such that they are supposed to be having some sort of symbolic meanings; oftentimes they are designed to represent the nursing program history for a particular nursing school.

Pinning ceremony

A nursing pinning ceremony is a ceremony in which the nurses are presented the nursing pins so that they can be welcomed into their professional life of nursing. The pins are presented to the fresh nurses obviously, since the already existing nurses have their nursing pins already. Oftentimes, the nurses are supposed to be reciting the Nightingale Pledge at this ceremony. Some of the schools for nursing are such that they have dismissed the trend of such a ceremony since they claim it to be such a ritual that has become outdated presently.

More about nursing pins

Maltase cross is supposed to be the nursing pin’s ancestor. There were a lot of significant contributors for the history of foundation of the standards of hospitals who involved the usage of Maltase cross. In the older times, the nursing pinning ceremony was considered to be something that is must whenever a new badge of nurses graduated. The concept is that by welcoming the nurses to their profession of nursing they get a very good start and they can start working in their field with a greater enthusiasm and courage.

The nursing pinning ceremony also gives the nurses some feeling of pride about their accomplishment and they feel appreciated if such a ceremony is arranged for them. It is not supposed to be on a very large scale, but it can be just within a particular school in which some of the senior nurses are invited along with the freshly graduated batch of the nurses. The symbols of nursing pins presented to the nurses help them for introducing themselves to the other schools and departments. There are a lot of different designs on the nursing pins. Sometimes it can be such that the design for the nursing pins change every year for each of the new batch of the nurses in some schools; however, in some schools, it remains the same throughout the end since the beginning.

Nursing pinning ceremony is something that should be continue reading since it is something positive and has positive aspects.

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