What diet is best for you?

Posted by hhhwcoaching on April 28th, 2021

what diet is best for you

What is the best diet for you?

This short article in our mini-blog series features the latest diet health rankings.

This year, a panel of experts (nutritionists and experts) reviewed 39 diets. ), diabetes, heart disease, and weight control.

The following 9 types of diet were considered: 1) "Best overall diet". 2) The best "healthy eating" diet, 3) The best weight loss diet, 4) The best diet to lose weight quickly, 5) The best heart-healthy diet, 6) The best diet for diabetic patients, 7) The best plant-based diet, 8) The best commercial diet, 9) Simple diet.

A panel of 24 experts reviewed each of the 39 diets and used the following considerations: a) nutritional value, b) safety in use, c) dietary effects for the prevention and control of heart disease, d) The effect of diet to prevent diabetes. . 2. e) Effectiveness of weight loss in the short and long term, f) Compliance.

Best overall diet category: 1st place: Mediterranean diet; 2nd and 3rd place (tied): DASH (a diet to stop high blood pressure) and flexitarian diet (plant-based diet, if it involves meat and animal products, as well as sugar and sweets Limited, use occasionally); Fourth place: Hui Watch light body diet. Best healthy diet: 1st and 2nd place (tied): Mediterranean diet and DASH; 3rd place: flexitarian diet; 4th place: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Diet (TLC) (to lower cholesterol levels).

The best diet for sustained weight loss: 1st and 2nd (tied): Flexitarian diet and Weight Watchers diet; third: vegetarian diet, fourth: low-fat diet (low-calorie diet).

The best diet to lose weight fast: 1st place: HMR diet (based on meal replacement shakes with added fruits and vegetables); 2nd and 3rd place (tied): Atkins diet (low carb) and Eater slimming.

The best diet for heart health: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (tie): DASH, Mediterranean diet, vegetarian; 4th (tie): Flexitarian, TLC, vegetarian diet.

The best diet for diabetic patients: first and second (tied): flexitarian and Mediterranean diet; third (tied): DASH, Mayo Clinic diet, vegan diet.

Best vegetable diet: 1st Mediterranean diet; 2nd place: Flexitarian diet, 3rd place (tied): Nordic diet (whole grains, vegetables, limited red meat toffee, and processed foods), Ornish and vegetarian diet. Second place: Mayo Clinic diet; third place (tie): Jenny Craig (Jenny Craig) (prepackaged low-calorie meal, after consultation and support) and Noom diet. Second place: weight observer; third place: flexible diet; 4th place: MIND diet (combination DASH and the Mediterranean), designed to promote the brain) Source: WebMD Report "US News and World Report" (2021)

Results in The summary of results above on how experts in nutrition and chronic disease management ranked various diets and concluded that certain diets are better than others for a certain health condition (eg, diabetes or being overweight, etc.).

The Mediterranean diet ranks first in many diet categories, while the Flexitarian and DASH diets also rank very high, while the VEGAN diet ranks very high. Heavenly Health and Holistic Wellness Coaching are happy to suggest that our coaches have some knowledge of these types of diets.

A sensible diet is often part of a multifaceted health improvement program aimed at improving health and improving health and well-being. Holistic Health Coaches, as experts in behavior modification, support their clients in achieving health goals, including those related to implementing specific diets.

With the personal support of Coach, clients can better continue their transformation efforts and achieve sustainable behavior changes, including maintaining chosen eating habits. Under the guidance of a health advisor, due to the rich formula and resources, it is generally not the most difficult to implement, therefore the role of the health advisor is to support the client to carry a healthier life and health.

If you want to talk about your health and health care needs, and want to know how one of our health coaches can help you, contact us right away for free exploratory consulting services.

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