SEO Reseller Programs: A Starter Guide for Agencies

Posted by Digital Agency Reseller on April 29th, 2021

With the world turning virtual, businesses have realized the importance of making their presence felt in the digital space. This has led businesses to understand the power of SEO which is your only tool to build digital brand visibility. 

When the digital wave picked momentum, advertising agencies that have been serving brands and businesses with the planning and execution of traditional marketing had to embrace digital marketing as well to keep up with the change. However, very soon the agencies realized that though they had the creative and marketing stream, they lacked expertise in SEO tools. This lack of knowledge and need of SEO services create a new space called "SEO reseller programs."

So how does it work????

For any business to succeed, it should be a combination of knowledge and saleability. That's exactly what a SEO reseller program is all about. In other words, it's a mutual conglomeration of two companies wherein one is the technical mind i.e. the firm providing the SEO expertise and the other firm being the one with strong marketing skills. Under this partnership, the firm with marketing skills takes charge of finding clients who need SEO services and the SEO firm in the backend is the one who delivers the same. 

The beauty of this partnership is, for the client, the point of contact for business implementation is the marketing firm. The SEO agency is nowhere in the frontline or has to deal with the client. 

Tips to remember while engaging.

This concept of joining hands has opened doors for many agencies looking for tie-up. So, here are some tips if you are planning to be part of SEO reseller programs:

if you are the Marketing agency

  1. Research the company profile. As you are not technically strong, finding a company that doesn't need hand-holding is suggested. 
  2. Check the size of the team, ensure that they are qualified and have the expertise to cater to diverse clientele. 
  3. A check on the previous work definitely is an add on. 

On the other hand, if you are the SEO company

  1. A background check on the agency and the clients handled in the past is a good start to understand the abilities of the company. 
  2. Understanding of the market and its competitors

With the above understanding and tips to remember, we are sure that there is no way to go wrong. However, having the terms and conditions of the association is a must. 


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