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Having a name necklace is a hit among both men and women for a lot of reasons. One of these reasons is that the neck piece if custom made will be a one-of-a-kind necklace. Other reasons to get such a necklace include: the fact that name necklaces are trendy and super stylish while being very personal.

These necklaces make for great gifts for loved ones, for celebrating anniversaries and when you are just looking for a really great present to give.

Name Necklace Market trend?

More and more people are fast becoming ardent followers of the growing trend of getting one’s name formed and worked into a stylish neck piece. Jewelers now have to be creative about the way the name is written, the style of the lettering, and which metals are used.

In a bid to all outdo each other, there are now lots of different lettering styles for you to choose from. Names can be engraved onto different metal shapes such as hearts and circles, or the letters can be simple stand-alone letters attached by curves in the lettering. Couples often enjoy getting their initials or both names done on a piece of jewelry or on two pieces of jewelry.

These necklaces can also be used to celebrate special anniversaries like Mother’s Day or birthdays. In the past there used to be lockets with a picture mounted on the inside of the locket, but getting a monogram necklace done these days seems to be replacing the role played by traditional lockets. They are if you will the modern day neck pieces to have.

Metals in which name necklaces come in

If you are looking to get a gift that will last a lifetime then you need to look at investing in a precious metal that will not easily corrode and lose its shine over the years. You need a metal that will be easy to clean and will keep for a long time.

Precious metals that are normally used in these necklaces include silver and gold. Of course you can have your necklace crafted and then plated in gold of different carats. If you wish, you can also choose to have valuable stones strategically placed in the design of your name. You can choose from a host of stones from birthstones, diamonds and rubies to sapphires. You can literally custom make your own neck piece and you can be sure that there will not be two exact same neck pieces in the world. If you were looking for an ideal anniversary, birthday present then a name necklace is the gift to consider!

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