7 Types of Facebook Advertising formats to promote products online

Posted by Ambitious Agency on April 29th, 2021

Facebook is the world's largest social media network with more than 2.80 billion monthly active users. As impressive as the numbers sound, it is one of the best and legitimate platforms to make your message reach the right segment of people. The right segment here refers to the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services. So, if you are a business owner who has recently discovered the magic of Facebook, start reading about the different types of Facebook Advertising and targeting options before you start to dive into the world of social media marketing. 

Types of Facebook Ads 

Image ads 

Getting started with Facebook paid to advertise? These simple image ads are a great way to start knowing and exploring about ads. To begin with, you can turn one of your existing posts into advertising in just a few clicks. Image ads may appear to be simple, but that surely doesn't mean that they have to be boring. You can make them interesting and certainly out of the box, even if your job is as serious as catching termites. 

Video Ads 

Video ads are the new trend in the market. These ads can now run easily in the News Feeds and Stories. Also, you can run the video ads as in-stream ads in many Facebook videos that are longer. In this manner, you can show the audience what your product or service is about. Like image ads, you can add more creativity to the videos. If you're not into shooting long films and videos, you can also create GIFs or other animations to catch the attention of the target segment. 

Poll ads 

This format of Facebook Ads Wellington is getting famous. The mobile-friendly ad format pluses the interactive component of the two-option poll to an image or any video ad. One can also add a separate link for each of the two poll choices. In this type of advertisement, both you and those who answer can see the tally of the responses making it a transparent deal. 

Carousel ads

You can add 10 images or videos to showcase your products and services in one post in a carousel ad. You can definitely use this format to highlight various parts and benefits of the product or the service in one go. Each video or photo can have a separate link. Also, you can add a Call To Action or CTA button directly below the ad. 

Slideshow ads 

A slideshow ad format enables you to create short video ads from a collection of photos, videos, text. Its eye-catching motion gives you all the interesting data in five seconds or less. The best part about these is that they can load easily even if your data connection is slow. Thus, we can say that it is an easy and low-impact way to draw the attention of the viewers towards your offerings. 

Collection ads 

In this Facebook Advertising for business owners, you can showcase five videos or images through which the customers can buy products or services with just one click. However, this ad feature is available only for mobile devices. It allows people to make a purchase without ever leaving Facebook. Well, it makes online shopping really easy and on the go. 

Lead ads 

Lead ads are only available for mobile devices, but it is really interesting once you get to know how to use them. It is specially designed to make it easy for people to provide you their contact information without much typing. You can look at a lead ad as a medium to collect more and more newsletter subscriptions, sign-ups for a trial of your product or service. In recent times, it is becoming one of the most important and interesting Facebook Advertising.

These are just a few ad formats offered by Facebook. If you're interested in availing of one of these, you should visit Facebook Ads Wellington professionals. The experts know how to cater to all your needs and want to promote the business well on the biggest social media platform. 

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