Effective Onboarding for Employee Retention

Posted by wintegrity on April 29th, 2021

Recruiting and retaining top performing employees are often quite challenging. Recruitment is comprised of many steps starting with creating a job description, posting about the vacancy, shortlisting applications, verifying profiles, and arranging for interviews. It does not stop there but extends to offer negotiation and positive confirmation from the right candidate. A recently recruited employee might feel like a visitor and it is our job to make him or her a part of the family that contributes to its development. It is not uncommon for someone to quit within the first few months on the job, not because they found something else to do but because they just couldn’t fit themselves into the organization’s culture.

Companies need to come up with innovative programs for newly recruited resources to settle down, gain insights into the strategic and operational aspects of the business and integrate into the company culture seamlessly. Employee onboarding is a significant first step where the new resources are informed of the company’s vision, mission, values, and policies. It also provides an opportunity for them to meet key stakeholders and understand their perspectives. A well-planned induction program during the first two weeks will set the ball rolling but that does not mean you have completed onboarding. It extends beyond induction and can be a yearlong program in which participation of reporting manager, human resources, and leaders across business units enhance the effectiveness of the program. It is also beneficial to assign mentors to new resources.

Ways in which effective onboarding improves employee retention:

  • Provides clarity on goals, processes, and key result areas, thereby removing ambiguity and disorientation.
  • Creates a platform for communication and collaboration, helping new resources feel connected and comfortable.
  • Enhances visibility and creates opportunities for new employees to simultaneously learn and contribute.
  • Get inspired and motivated by internal success stories and understand the impact their company has made.
  • A good onboarding program will save you time and money that will be otherwise spent on workplace conflict resolution.
  • Facilitate a smoother transition for recruits.
  • Make employees feel respected and appreciated.


Fundamental components of effective staff onboarding:


  • Create programs that build trust and promotes transparency.
  • Build clear communication channels.
  • Offer continuous feedback.
  • Assign mentors to new staff.
  • Be empathic and think out-of-the-box to come up with creative and engaging methods that promote collaboration.



Perils of not having an effective onboarding strategy:

  • Lowers morale.
  • Increases employee turnover.
  • Adversely impacts business growth.
  • Lowers employee retention rates.

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