Ecuador Cities: Retiring In Salinas & the market for Salinas Ecuador Real Estate

Posted by drclintcornellpac on August 23rd, 2015

Retire by the beach in Salinas, Ecuador & take advantage of Salinas Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador cities have a lot to offer in general. If you want it to be chilly, you can go to the highlands. But if you come from a cold climate, why would you want to do that? Why not retire in a coastal city that boasts of everything that Miami has?

This is when Salinas Ecuador Real Estate  becomes the perfect option and perfect retirement destination. This is the seat city of the Province of Santa Elena in Ecuador. It is one of the important tourist cities in the country. So if you want to live like a tourist all throughout your retirement, then this is the destination that you want to go to.

What was formerly a fishing village is now a bustling city that attract tourists from all over the world and has a real estate market that is quick on the rise. As expected, the local industry is highly dependent on the tourists that visit its shores every year but this is pointng the Salinas Ecuador Real Estate market into the equivalent stage of the popular coastal cities and tourist destinations of the world.

Retire by the beach in Salinas, Ecuador

Probably the main attraction of people retiring in Ecuador cities is the climate. That is a major consideration for you. If you dreamed of retiring by the beach, then the Salinas Ecuador Real Estate market should be one of the places to consider. But what kind of retirement life can you expect from this city?

One of the popular associations that this city has is with the city of Miami in the US. In fact, it is said that Salinas, is like “Miami, without the crimes.” If the association is because of the beaches, then we can say that the comparison is spot on.

There are various beach places in Salinas and they include San Lorenzo, Mar Bravo, Punta Carnero and Chipipe. The activities are mainly water sports. So if you want an active retirement lifestyle, this is is something that you can pursue in Salinas - probably more than the other Ecuador cities by the coast. From strenuous activities like wake boarding, sky diving and water skiing to the relaxing ones like fishing and yachting - these are the activities you can pursue when you retire in this coastal city. There are two main yacht clubs here, the Salinas Yacht Club and the PUerto Lucia Yacht Club.

Being a tourist destination, you can expect that there will be a lot of cafes, restaurants and shopping centers in this city. There are boardwalks that will allow you to walk along the beach and enjoy the scenery.

But like any other tourist hotspots in other Ecuador cities, there are downsides to living in such places. The tourist crowd may be a problem if you like some peace and quiet. It is likened to Miami after all. That is to be expected. If that is not your type of entertainment, then retiring in Salinas may not be right for you. On the other hand, from an investment perspective, if you consider the Miami Real Estate market to the Salinas Ecuador Real Estate  market, you have a good future ahead of you.

Despite being a tourist hotspot, prices in Salinas is just as cheap as the other Ecuador cities. The cost of living is what makes retirees choose to live here. You can eat a two course meal for . A taxi ride will make the lack of a personal vehicle quite acceptable too.

In terms of the living arrangements, the popular choice are typically the condos lined along the beach. The prices range between ,000 to 0,000. You can even find some that will cost you less than ,000. The typical condo fees are less than 0 and the utilities for a couple will only cost around 0 too.

If you have the money to invest, there are some places that you can buy and rent out for tourist. That way, you can live like a tourist while earning from the other visitors of the place. That should be a great way to use your retirement money.

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