Labradors Macclesfield are ideal for new dog owners

Posted by CesarMuler on August 23rd, 2015

When you plan to purchase or adopt a dog, the first question that would you come to your mind is which breed. Choosing a breed of dog for first time dog owners can be tricky. It is perhaps better to play safe in this regard. If you are planning to get your new four legged friend, there are two breeds that you should look at - Cocker Spaniels Macclesfield and Labradors Macclesfield. Both these dog breeds are extremely popular and can bring in a lot of joy in your home.

Cocker Spaniels Macclesfield are persistently affectionate and these dogs love to be around the occupants of their home. While you will love the attention that you get from your Cocker Spaniel, there are times when you get a little pestered with the dog all over you all the time. However, the moment you look at the floppy ears of this dog and run your hands all over its soft body, you will forget any irritation. These dogs are among the gentlest of dog breeds and they love people.

Cocker Spaniels Macclesfield are action oriented dogs and this is the reason you need to put them through a lot of exercising. These dogs are highly enthusiastic when taken outside. An indication of the amount of fun these dogs have outside is the vigorous wagging of their tail - the more they wag, happier they are. If you have been planning to lose weight, this is one dog breed to consider. Your Cocker Spaniel will make sure that you take it out every day and have a lot of action.

It is said that humans cannot ever fully comprehend the amount of love that their dog showers on them. The most loving dogs are considered to be Labradors Macclesfield. This is one reason why this dog breed is the most popular dog breed in the world. When your Labrador looks at you, it can easily melt your heart. Its large eyes follow you all the time and its full gaze can bring in goose pimples in you easily.

Labradors Macclesfield are also highly action oriented dogs that need to be taken outside every day and taken through 30 to 60 minutes of vigorous training. These dogs love playing with objects and without them. Labradors love children and they can spend hours playing with the kids. The best part about Labs is that they never ever cause any hurt to children. They may not be the best dogs if you are looking for safety, but in terms of loving nature, there is hardly any other dog breed that comes close to Labs.

Both Cocker Spaniels Macclesfield and Labradors Macclesfield are available in different colours. However, if you are looking for pure breed puppies, you should look at the specifications of the American Kennel Club. And make sure that you purchase or adopt from a reputed and experienced dog breeder in Macclesfield so that there is no question about the pups not being purebred.

For the first time dog owners, two of the most popular breeds are Cocker Spaniels Macclesfield and Labradors Macclesfield.

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