Monetize your Ad Revenue through Mobile Apps Smartly

Posted by Aaeesha on August 24th, 2015

The mobile apps world is making the entire globe addictive to an unimaginable extent. While the fairy tale of asking a Genie a wish is replaced by thinking of an app to resolve any and every buying, selling, gaming and other utility services.  The mobile app monetization is looked upon as a lucrative digital marketing advertising method to increase ad revenue. In order to enhance the user experience to a higher level it is seen that there are different formats in ads such as banners, AdMob interstitials or rather called full page ads and AdMob video ads. These have their own impact and impressions that help in different ways of engaging the users with their own time frames.

 When it comes to android app monetization, the importance or the focus is mostly on the In-app advertising. This is usually based on the intuitive psychology of the users wherein the focus is on the mobile games and other such engaging apps. The logic is that when a mobile user is used to any particular game and is glued on to it totally then they would continue to play that particular game more often when compared to the other games that are perhaps downloaded by them.

 There are some great tips that can be used to help in increasing your ad revenue and in turn get more traffic or leads for your business. The potential target audience and the demographics should be analysed at regular intervals while running an Ad campaign. Keep in mind that the ads are not intrusive especially when the user is in the verge of losing points while playing a game because it may be annoying and miss the intended attention that the advertisement wishes to seek. In certain cases the probability of getting good revenue through mobile app monetization by way of IAA is a smart idea.

 The benefits should be given upfront than creating suspense because unlike the websites and online banners, mobile apps banners should be crisp to convey the advantage of any purchase of service/product at one shot.  Usually the non-irruptive types of mobile ads do best as it is simple and pleasing to get the users’ attention than seem forced. The chances of conversions are far better in this case. Certain innovation techniques used in android app monetization such as update notifications will help users to know of the modified version of the app and this will draw the attention back to using it extensively and get benefits.

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