Tips To Choose The Best Company For Litigation Funding

Posted by Richard Baker on April 29th, 2021

With the development of the litigation finance market, the number of firms offering litigation funding has also grown. Besides choosing attorneys best suited to litigate a case, there are several things you need to consider while selecting a good litigation funding company.

  • The right fit: For any litigation finance services, the best results can be achieved when there is mutual trust, respect, and a sense of partnership among the various claim holders, its lawyers, and the funders. You can size up the funders within the first few conversations to determine if they have a trustworthy team you can work with happily for a long haul of litigation.
  • Unique terms: The various litigation finance company will offer you similar economic terms, and each of the companies are going to have certain terms that may be unique. You must make sure that their terms provide an opt-out clause if the outlook of the case turns against the claim holder. Also, ensure that there are instruments embedded in the contract that can adversely affect the claim holder's economics if the claim holder rejects a settlement offer that the funder wants to accept. 
  • Flexibility in structuring: Look at the structure the funder offers and make sure that those structures best suit your claim. The third-party finance’s willingness to understand and accommodate the needs are essential elements when choosing a financier to work with. 
  • Speed: Frequently, the claimants need funds to finance the litigation costs faster. The expenses might already be piling up by the time outreach is made to a litigation funder. So, make sure to talk to potential funders about their processes and the time they expect will be required to get through diligence and investment documentation. 

These are some of the things you need to consider while finding a reliable litigation finance Phoenix Advisor when you are a Phoenix resident.

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