Holinka Told WOW Legion PVP Gear Gets Less Important & PVP Talent Will Be Added

Posted by gracedashen on August 24th, 2015

Recently, Holinka returned in a slaughter of information regarding PvP in the upcoming expansion pack, World of Warcraft Legion. After learning about some main features of wow legion, now you can expect a big change on pvp -There won't be gear with Resilience, PvP Power, dual item levels, or gear specifically made for PvP. Besides, the human racial will also be modified among other fundamental changes.wowtoes.com offer the safe and fast wow service, you can buy cheapest wow gold at wowtoes.we will provide the latest news for you. you can get futher information in there.Are you preparing for Warcraft of Draenor flying mounts?

No gear with resilience, PvP power, dual item level

Gamescom had statement "no PvP gear" for wow legion. For clarity, pvp designer Holinka told that this means there won't be any gear with resilience, PvP power, and dual item level. By doing that, the team want to get away from sense that PvP gear is a must to participate in pvp. So when legion comes, gear will mean a lot less in PvP - when you enter a battleground or Arena, all your stats will be set from your spec rather than your gear, which means that your stats will come from a specific template that gives Blizzard tremendous tuning power—unprecedented for WoW. Besides, PvP talents plus the spec stat templates will allow the team to tune balance in arenas and battlegrounds much better than they ever have been able to do before.

No active trinkets, no set bonuses, no enchants in PvP

In Legion, trinkets, set bonuses, enchants won't be active in PvP. Currently, when everything lines up at once, players do very strong damage. However, compared with it, these changes on wow gear should lead to sustained damage being a larger part of PvP.

Best gear won't require raiding, but difficult to get

In PvP, everyone has an equal playing field, and it won't require to raid for best gear. However, there is an avenue where you get the best PvP gear from PvP. And with the changes on pvp gear, getting the best gear won't be as easy as it is now. Still, higher-rated players can easily get PvP gear, more so than a lower-rated player.

Small stats increase & Human racial change

Of course, although pvp gear won't give a huge advantage in pking, players can still increase power by gaining a little stats boost when they get better gear. For example, every 5 item levels may give you a 1% stat increase. Besides, with changes on pvp gear, the human racial would be also adjusted. But now there is not exact plan, it may be offered a different talent and then plus some new options.

Many players think these changes will make a pve-friendly game. However, some others believe except for gear, skill and strategy should also decide the situation in PVP so that those with better preparation and skill will have a chance of overcoming those with better gear. Are you ready for the challenge? Buy cheap WOW gold to train your skill and be stronger to get priority in battle!

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