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Posted by Turnoverweb on August 24th, 2015

There are thousands of new websites launched on a daily basis through the internet. This is why it is no surprise why the web design and development industry has grown to be what it is today—one of the largest and most profitable due to the high demand in expert web designers. Here we explore some important and relevant facts about web design and development in this day and age:

  • Flash has been outdated for ages, yet there are still websites that are stuck in the past. While Flash programming does make a website visually engaging and appealing to customers, they take forever to load, which diminishes the user experience. Over the last decade, websites with Flash-based animations and design elements, particularly in their home page have lost a significant number of followers for the very reason that they take long to load. Flash sites also perform poorly in SEO as search engines can't make sense of their content.

  • Web design is so much more than just aesthetics and creating an interesting look for a website. A major component of holistic web design and development is search engine optimization. This is why it is best to find a web development agency that offers comprehensive services and has good expertise not only on the technical aspects of web design but also on SEO principles. In addition to search optimization, multiple browser compatibility and compliance to design standards are also major requisites of a successful and effective web design.

  • A few seconds is the time limit for websites to load. Anything longer leads to a failed design because end users are not willing to wait too long and would instead switch to a different site that does not waste their time.

  • Web design should be progressive and dynamic to accommodate the changing needs of the business as well as the changing times. When deciding on your general web design concept, make sure that it takes into account the future goals of your business or organization. Find an agency who knows how to incorporate your business goals and the needs of your end users. This is an important aspect of web development that should take center stage during the early stages of your design creation.

  • If your web design is mindful of your future needs, you create a flexible site that can take in all sorts of changes whether in your goals or in the world wide web in general.

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