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Posted by rlnenergyservices on August 24th, 2015

A power generator can be a huge purchase providing safety and powerful electricity when things go dark. Getting the right generator for your purposes can be a major decision. Renting is cheaper than buying, but you still have to know what you need. Generator rental demands some understanding of power generation and electricity.

Let’s start with what a generator does. Through the conversion of mechanical energy, it is possible to generate a flow of electricity. The mechanical energy is supplied by a combustion engine just like a car is powered by the gas firing pistons within that engine.

The first major decision is the engine, which is the core of the machine. The size of the engine is directly tied to the amount of power for output. This means that if you need more power, you will have to get a bigger engine. Of course, it is always better to overshoot than undershoot

The next step in the process is an alternator that will convert that raw explosive mechanical energy into electricity. Choosing different alternators will provide more reliable power. For example, a brushless design can provide cleaner energy and a longer lasting system. Ask your provider about what kind of alternator would be best because this system will define how good the generator is.

On the electrical side, we also have a voltage regulator. This will change the output from AC to DC and then from DC to AC until the voltage reaches equilibrium at the exact amount you need. This isn’t as important. What is important is understand the amount of voltage needed to power a system.

The final piece of the puzzle is the control system. A control panel can have very simple buttons such as on or off. It can also get as complicated as automatic ignition when power is lost and automatically disabling when power is turned back on.

The difficulty throughout this process is knowing exactly what all of this will be used for. Is it for a hospital under electrical duress? Is it for a home or an event? Knowing the limits and efficiencies needed for the rental or purchase is the core of knowing what to get.

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