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Posted by ThompsonGas on August 25th, 2015

Propane is a growing residential and commercial gas system option that is becoming more popular than ever as people discover its advantages beyond supplying energy to small spaces like log cabins. From residential services to commercial services, propane caters to a wide range of users and has even entered the auto industry as an increasing fleet of vehicles now run on propane autogas. Still, propane is most popular in residential use, providing a cheap alternative to other types of gas services, especially in rural and remote areas as well as seasonal vacation homes.

Propane gas offers many great advantages, particularly in terms of energy efficiency. It is widely used in different parts of the home as power and heat source. An environmentally-friendly option of this heating and cooking fuel is extremely energy efficient, helping homeowners save a great deal of money on utilities compared to its alternatives.

Propane heating systems are varied, and they are considered a cleaner and greener option compared to oil-run and electric systems. Propane gas is also a lot more affordable than oil or electricity, making it the more economical choice for household needs. The following are popular heating options you can choose from when deciding upon propane as a major household energy source:

  • Portable/ventless heaters – These propane heaters offer the advantage of portability and travel-friendliness. They are compact and don't require exterior vents so they can be used in smaller areas like garages, single rooms, and workshops. Portable heaters are also commonly used to distribute heat in outdoor spaces like patios, lawns, and decks.
  • Mounted/permanent heaters – If you want a long-term or permanent heating option, choose the mounted type of propane heater, which can be installed in the walls or the ceiling. These heaters often feature built-in fans that force air out, making them suitable for heating up larger areas. They feature large, exterior venting systems that require access to adequate oxygen for efficient combustion.
  • Furnaces – Propane furnaces are also becoming popular as home heating systems. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also easy to maintain, sturdy, and environmentally-friendly and they can be used even during power outages. Propane furnaces don't require chimneys because venting can be carried out horizontally or vertically. A simple PVC piping will suffice for exhaust, making propane furnaces a flexible choice for homes.
  • Water heaters – Propane water heaters are an environmentally friendlier choice than electric heaters, which emit great levels of green house gases. Propane heaters also heat up water faster and take up less room.

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