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Posted by Shital Mane on April 29th, 2021

When you are evaluating the kind of digital marketing course to undertake, for an area that you want to build expertise in, one of the key differentiators is to choose a part-time or a full-time one. This choice is a tricky one especially since many people still believe that the kind of quality between the two will differ as well as the way they are perceived in the market. However, undergoing a digital marketing course in India , whether a full-time or a part-time one, is a choice based on parameters that are more personal to you, as an individual.

Work experience – There are many individuals who do not want to quit their current roles to pursue a full-time course. They want to go through the course simultaneously. There are usually two reasons for this – one, they value their jobs and like their work or need that job. Hence they cannot leave it. Secondly, they believe that pursuing it alongside their work will give them a direct opportunity to apply their learning right away, instead of completing the course and then starting to apply it. That itself will enhance their learning.

Budget – What is your financial approach to the course? Do you have a budget in mind? Depending on the kind of budget you have and the fees you can pay, you might want to choose one of the two courses. Full-time courses tend to cost more and there is also the opportunity cost of missing out on an ongoing income if you were pursuing it while working. Part-time course on the other hand, are available in a range of fees structures. So you can choose what might fit your needs.

Time investment – This is another big fact especially for those who might be in special circumstances such as new mothers who cannot step out for a full-time course, individuals who are involved in elder care for their parents and so on. The kind of time they can invest in a full-time course is less. Hence they need to evaluate it against the flexibility such a course can provide. They need something which will maintain the quality of content and depth of it, but at the same time give them the choice of balancing it with their work and life as well.

These are some ways in which one can choose whether they want to pursue a digital marketing course which is part-time or full-time. Based on what suits their requirements and life situations they can pursue it, without worrying about the quality of content and credibility.

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