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Posted by Dewan Md Al Yeasin on April 29th, 2021

Character Boost is one of the numerous administrations Blizzard made accessible for buy to players on their in-game shop. This assistance is utilized to split the second level a character to even out 50, setting it up for the initial steps of Shadowlands content. In this guide, you will figure out how character boosting functions, including the initial steps, the substance of a character in the wake of boosting it, and how to open substance from past expansions on a boosted character. The Shadowlands Character Boost administration levels a character on your World of Warcraft record to even out 50.

Universe of Warcraft: Shadowlands Heroic and Epic Editions incorporate a Character Boost. Moreover, you can likewise purchase a Character Boost in the Services menu of the in-game Shop. An interactive symbol on your character determination screen will show that you have a Character Boost prepared to utilize. When the boost is applied, your character gets another arrangement of stuff proper to your level and four 22-opening packs. The stuff the character was initially wearing — and everything in the character's stock—is shipped off the in-game post box. Your character will likewise get the Expert Riding expertise and the capacity to fly in all flight-empowered zones, aside from those gated behind an accomplishment (like Pathfinder). If you didn't have any flying mounts, you'd get an essential one. You can get Character Boosts by:

  • Buying the Shadowlands Expansion, Heroic or Epic edition gives you a Character Boost for nothing out of pocket.
  • Ensuing Character Boosts should be bought in the in-game shop, just open from inside the game. A Character Boost costs .


Boosting a Character 

After your buy is affirmed, a boost catch will appear close to the Change Realm button in your character choice screen. When you click it, another menu will spring up, which will manage you through the remainder of the cycle. This new menu offers both of you diverse boosting alternatives:

  • Boost a generally existing character in your current domain.
  • Boost a spic and span character in your current domain.
  • Boosting an Existing Character

On the first chance that you boost a character from an Allied Race, it will not be eligible to open Heritage Armor. In request to Shadowlands character boost, you should choose it with the boost menu open. However, in the wake of choosing your character, you will be provoked to choose its fundamental specialization. This choice will control which types of gear you will get once the boost is done. You will get a whole thing level 68 gearset.

After choosing a specialization, you should press the Next button. Doing so will incite a first affirmation window. In the case of everything looks at, click Level Up! In conclusion, the last brief will show up, inquiring whether all data gave is right; if everything is correct, click Level Up!

After that progression is finished, you should stand by until the cycle is finished, which perhaps require a couple of moments a few hours, contingent upon the accessibility from the workers. You note that Boosted characters can't enter prisons and attacks from past expansions for 24 hours.


Character After Boosting 

When the boost is finished, your character will appear in the principal capital city for your group, Stormwind/Orgrimmar. In the wake of completing your class preparation, you will approach your ability determination screen. Your character will have all first gifts in every ability column chose, of course, and keeping in mind that in a capital city or rest region, you can uninhibitedly change your abilities. In the wake of completing your class preparation, you can likewise change your specialization if you so wish.

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