Uses and Features Of Augmentative Communication Devices

Posted by adaptivetechsolutions on August 26th, 2015

There are large numbers of individuals today facing the severe problem of expressive communication. Augmentative communication is a stream that addresses the needs of individuals with severe expressive communication problems especially the issues that prohibit them from using verbal speech to convey their wants and needs. According to experts, there can be a variety of underlying reasons for this inability to speak clearly. However, it becomes important that every human being be able to convey their wants and desires to their loved ones and those around them. The goal of augmentative communication devices is to restore the ability to communicate the wants, needs, thoughts, and emotions through these devices.

Alternative communication devices are at times as simple as asking "yes" and "no" questions or as multifaceted as storytelling and written expression. Depending on the users mental and physical capabilities, age, and financial constraints, these devices can be customized and programmed to meet their needs. For professionals with disabilities these devices make working in workplace settings more productive with more high-tech approach than those used in the home.

These alternative communication devices are high-tech and seek to replace communication functions that are normally performed via the spoken word or through writing. With varied types of devices innovative technologies are currently available and they continue to grow exponentially as the general marketplace expands. You will find that these devices can include versatile approaches such as specialty switches, special symbolic systems, voice recognition systems and devices that allow internet access and word processing capabilities.

Depending on the physical limitations, various switches or other controls will be included with the device to insure quick and easy access to communication. Conditions such as cerebral palsy in children can result in wide array of impairment or delayed development. For such cognitive impairments many new techniques and devices have been developed aimed at assisting young people with hearing and speech impairments in their efforts to communicate.

Big Mack Switch is an example of a low-tech communication button switch offered by Adaptive Tech Solutions. Record any single message directly into the BIGmack communicator and as you press its activation surface it can provide playback up to two minutes in length. You can connect a toy or appliance to it for additional motivation. With its large, 5 inch activation surface, the BIGmack is an excellent choice for persons with visual impairments and persons with physical disabilities who require a larger target area.

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