Convert Leftover Currency To Gift Cards In Few Easy Steps

Posted by buyforexonline on August 26th, 2015

We do so much planning and preparations for our overseas travel, like booking accommodation, making flight and travel arrangements, or doing currency exchange onlineto get the best rates, but one thing we often do not think about is the leftover foreign currency that usually ends up in our wallets; forgotten!

Instead of letting it collect dust, you can convert it into gift cards using TravelersBox located at airports worldwide. Here is an informative article on converting leftover foreign currency to gift cards, brought to you by Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: To start the process, first deposit your coins, change or bills, in the TravelersBox kiosk, and then enter your email ID.

Step 2: You can then deposit your leftover foreign currency, directly into your online accounts including PayPal, or convert it into gift cards (Starbucks, iTunes, Gap, Skype, and many more), you can even make a charitable donation and donate the leftover money to the cause you support.

Your gift card will be processed in 48 hours and you will be notified on your e-mail ID that you had provided.

Few important things to keep in mind


  • The gift cards that you get using TravelersBox are only valid in the country in which you use the kiosk; money deposited in PayPal and Skype, can however be used internationally.
  • A fee of 3-10% applies according to the deposited amount.
  • There is no ‘minimum amount’ to be deposited.
  • Currencies accepted by TravelersBox kiosks include-Euro, GBP, USD, Philippine Peso, Canadian Dollar, Ruble, Lira and the Georgian Lari according to the location of the kiosks. For example, the kiosk in Turkey accepts the Lira, EURO, USD and Ruble.
  • At present, TravelersBox operates airport kiosks in Italy, UK, Georgia and Turkey, but they soon planning to launch in India, Brazil and Philippines.

Is depositing money into TBX kiosks safe?

Depositing money into TravelersBox kiosks is absolutely safe, it is an genuine service that you get only at airport kiosks.

What is the need to exchange leftover currency?

When you got your foreign currency, you spent so much time to get the best possible forex rate. So, don’t let your hard earned money go waste, turn it into a gift card that you can actually use, or donate it to your favourite charity and feel good.

Other ideas to utilize your leftover currency:

  • If you travel frequently to different destinations, you can consider converting the leftover currency into the next currency you will need. This will be much easier if you need to exchange dollar or Euro.
  • If someone you know is planning to travel to the same country then you may even sell currency to him.

Though, you may be left with some extra currency after your trip, but it is always good to have some extra forex in order to avoid shortage of money in times of need. A very good way to carry money overseas without any worries is-the prepaid travel card. It allows easy access to your money while travelling abroad and allows you to change any unused currency when you get back home.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited, at- ,for easy money exchange in India and other forex services such as prepaid travel cards.

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