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How Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Works?

Posted by Potentialz on August 26th, 2015

Of all types of mental health counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy is the one trusted by therapists the most all over the world. It focuses on making people cope with different problems and face various situations in life by altering their beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts to see corresponding affect in behaviour. This is possible even near you as cognitive behaviour therapy in Sydney is based on the proposal that the way we think about a particular situation can affect how we feel and behave subsequently.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

With this therapy, you work with a trained and accomplished psychotherapist in a fixed number of sessions, wherein you are made aware of your negative and inaccurate thinking. Negative thoughts about oneself and others can mar one’s way of living. Such negative thinking patterns might be with you since childhood and might sit so much deeply into your system that you start finding these assumptions or thoughts to be true. These thoughts can shape the way you feel at college, work, or even within family.

How can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy help?

Thus, cognitive behavioural therapy is not only useful for people suffering from stress, depression, or anxiety, but is overall an effective tool to manage and lead better lives. For example, while you walk around in a supermarket, you see an old friend who passes by you, apparently ignoring you. If you are in a negative state of mind, you will feel sad and dejected and will ignore the person in future. On the other hand, if you think positively, you will feel concerned about the friend and will call them in future to enquire if he/ she are okay. See the difference - cognitive behaviour therapy in Sydneycan not only help you strengthen professional and family relationships but can also help you lead a better life every day.

What happens in a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Session?

Cognitive behaviour therapy is a short-term treatment, meaning its sessions are shorter than other extensive psychotherapies. These can be delivered either in a one-to-one session, that is, via inter-personal communication with the therapist or in a group wherein a therapist can talk to people with similar challenges. Its scope can also go beyond the personal contact programmes whereby cognitive behaviour therapy sessions can be offered via a book or a computer programme.

Mostly sessions start by exploring the problems and discussing the ways by which these can be eliminated. In following sessions, worksheet or diagram exercises can be worked upon to know more about the subject’s thought and attitudes. At the end of each session, therapist gives some goals to be accomplished over time. In the immediate next session, therapist analyzes and discusses what improvements or progresses have been made.

Therapy session might seem daunting at first but cognitive behaviour therapy in Sydney can give you an opportunity to be in such a relationship that is purely non-judgemental. It is always performed in a collaborative style which means you, as a subject, are always actively involved in therapy analysing and shaping the progression.

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