GPS Fleet Management for Efficient Fuel Management

Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 26th, 2015

One of the biggest problems that fleet owners face is keeping track of the amount of fuel used by the vehicles. It is difficult to monitor the fuel usage in one vehicle when it is being used by multiple persons, so one can imagine the problems related to multiple users and many vehicles. Technology has offered one efficient solution to this challenge. The GPS technology has brought about a huge change in the way that vehicle movement is being monitored.

So how does the GPS fleet management system work? It works on a very simple process. All that you need is a high-quality GPS tracker. You can place this tracker on the vehicle’s dashboard or install it in the car. The tracker automatically connects to the online monitoring platform. The owner or manager will be able to access the dashboard on the platform. The dashboard will give a clear picture of the location of all the vehicles. So, at any point of time you will be able be able to find out the location of each vehicle in the location. The GPS fleet tracking system will allow owners to track all the vehicles in the fleet from one place itself.

We need to understand how GPS works to find out how it can help in efficient fuel management. The GPS tracker continually tracks the moment of the vehicle. It will also keep a record of the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle in a particular period of time. You know the average mileage of the vehicle. Based on the kilometers traveled and the vehicle’s mileage, you can easily calculate the amount of fuel required. Even if you are not able to arrive at an accurate number, you will get an idea of the possible amount. When you get the fuel bill from the driver, you can cross check it with the value you got to find out if the driver is giving you the right bill amount.

If you provide cab services for corporate companies, schools and colleges, then this fleet management system will be very useful for you. In such cases, the travel route is preplanned, and so you will know how many kilometers the vehicle will travel each day. Using the GPS tracker, you can monitor the distance traveled each day and identify route changes if any. If the driver is changing cab routes regularly, then you will have evidence when you deal with the problem.

In many ways, the GPS fleet tracking system can help you efficiently manage the fuel usage of all the vehicles in your fleet.

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