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Posted by gracedashen on August 26th, 2015

The focus on an epic storyline isn't by accident. As Ohlen described, it's also the result of regular, meaningful involvement with the community. "There's two ways that they give input. There's the communication obviously either from the forums or from the community events. But then there's also the communication that we get from metrics that we gather on play style and everything else. Both of them really pointed to one thing, which is that story is the central theme and the best part of Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's what all our fans wanted. If we could give them an endless epic Star Wars story, they would be happy campers for the rest of their lives."Sw-tor-credits provide cheapestswtor credits for you !! offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.

"That's not to say that the other elements of the MMO aren't important – we have a big contingent of fans in PVP warzones, we have a big contingent of fans who like the coop flashpoints and operations, and those are systems that we're going to support because they're a big part of an online world – but the story is really what our community would love to see a lot more of."

It's a similar story elsewhere. When I asked Ohlen about the recent community poll on future mounts, and the huge call for Basilisk War Droids, he responded "No promises, but there's a good chance that it will show up."

Surprisingly, Knights of the Fallen Empire won't come with its own price tag. Instead, anyone who's a subscriber will be able to leap into the new content when it opens on October 27. When you mix in the high rate of planned updates, I asked Ohlen how he was able to make money on the whole deal.

"There's a whole bunch of answers there. We actually had lots of discussions, and then it became the obvious answer. Obviously, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a business, and needs to continue to roll so that we can continue to produce this great content. But, like a TV series, we want our fans to be at the same moment in time – we don't want our fans to be scattered across all the different episodes. If you think of a service like HBO, you can binge watch and get to the most current episode, and be with everyone else, and we feel that's important for our fans as well. So if we gated them by making content cost money, we feel that would not make a good community. So you become a subscriber, you get all the content."

"But also, we really feel that if you have a vibrant community of subscribers and fans, you're going to be successful no matter what. Instead of taking the short-term look and saying 'hey, we can make a bunch of money when we release in October,' we want to take the long term look. We want to have a healthy Star Wars: The Old Republic universe for years, and so this is a way to encourage more people to come back and we've really lowered the barriers of entry."

"What if you had an epic Bioware story, a 'Knights of the Old Republic' you could say, like in the Old Republic universe, where it was just focused on telling an epic story where the player was the hero, and you got great choices, and everything you love about choices and cinematic storytelling was there."

As for having meaningful choices, Ohlen also agreed that it's likely to improve replayability when playing alts. "Yes, for sure. If you have multiple characters, I'm pretty sure you're going to want to play through Knights of the Fallen Empire multiple times, just to see how it all rolls out depending on your choice."you can buy cheapest swtor credits on swtor2credits, hope you will enjoy it !

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