What Are the Benefits of Attending a Montessori Nursery Petersfield

Posted by alisonreid29 on August 26th, 2015

Parents shouldn’t take a firm decision about whether to take their toddlers to a traditional or a Montessori nursery Petersfield without properly documenting the topic. Find some of the benefits of attending a Montessori nursery Petersfield.

All of us are familiar with the educational method of a traditional nursery or school. When it comes to a Montessori nursery Petersfield parents must know that they should have other expectations. Differences must be compared and analyzed, so that parents decide whether subscribing their little ones to a Montessori nursery Petersfield is a good idea or not.

Montessori nurseries and schools are authorized to deliver educational tuition and programs, but the methodology used is functioning on other principles. In a traditional nursery school Petersfield a set of behavioral rules are imposed, the activities through which the learning process occurs are also pre-established, and competition is boosted through grades and evaluation tests. In a Montessori educational institution the focus is on developing skills through self-discipline and at a personal pace. The groups are smaller, the youngsters are encouraged to be independent and choose their own activities. Maximum freedom of choice, autonomy and focus on individual needs or preferences is specific for Montessori systems, but not the same can be uttered about a traditional nursery school Petersfield.

Through games and toys little ones acquire social and cognitive skills. They learn how to interact with other kids. They understand what type of behavior is accepted and which is not. Creativity and imagination are boosted. Little ones become confident, responsible, fair-play, and cooperative. They set their own goals and the stress associated with being evaluated or ridiculed, in case the results are below expectations, are completely eliminated. Studies reveal that most of these kids perform better than expected at national assessment programs, and they are always better at social interaction. Kids are encouraged to discover what they feel most attracted to learn, and then set personal goals to get better and better at what catches their interest and expand their minds.      

Individual progress, preferences, affinities, and own pace of assimilating information are some of the main philosophies behind Montessori method. Parents sometimes think that only a traditional nursery school Petersfield will help their kids be prepared for school. It has been acknowledged that kids coming from Montessori nurseries adapt very well to classroom requirements, and are prepared to study writing, math and other subjects. Others claim that only a traditional nursery school Peterfield enables little ones to adapt to more competitive environments. The truth is that some kids are motivated by competitions, while others aren’t. This will always be the case, regardless of the environment. The only difference is that a Montessori system will never impose and insist on an educational drill that the kid refuses, or doesn’t feel motivated by in the learning process.

Parents are encouraged to gather sufficient information before they take a final decision for the best interest of their little ones. You can also ask other parents about their experiences with both systems and make the choice that you feel most comfortable with.

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