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Posted by Goudy on April 30th, 2021

What is Funko POP! figures? New to POP! Vinyl? No issue, let us bring you up to speed .

POP! Vinyl figures are collectible plastic figures based on the characters from the legendary blockbuster movies, cult classic television show and even popular videogames. Each one is made from high quality PVC (plasticised polyvinyl chloride) and painted with a high degree of detail. They're manufactured and marketed as POP! Figurines which can be used as individual pieces or combined to create a larger collection.

There are presently three exclusive designs currently available. There is the Doctor Who POP! Which has a likeness of the Fourth Doctor regenerating into the Time Lord. The Eleventh Doctor POP! Is based on Matt Smith's Doctors of Time personality and contains a likeness of the Doctor's first Doctor, regenerating into the current Doctor.

The most recent limited edition design is the Sixth Doctor POP! version. It is based on the popular TV movie starring Matt Smith and includes a TARDIS control box and a Dalek base. This version is presently valued at just M dollars. However, it's expected to sell out fast because of its demand from Doctor Who fans who need a Sixth Doctor POP!

The most sought after POP! Exclusives are those made from the famous Freddy Krueger drawing. These are highly collectable and normally increase in value with each new release of the film featuring Krueger as an unforgettable villain.

All the Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor and Big Finish box sets comprise the infamous Freddy Krueger drawing which makes these collections so popular. There are several distinct models available for collectors to choose from. One of these is the Doctor Who POP! Which is a re-designed form of the first Doctor Who drawing from the sequence.

There's also several Hot Wheels POP! Figures that are really popular with car-loving children. A number of these are re-designed versions of this classic Hot Wheels line of toys. The most recent addition to this highly popular collection is the Doctor Who Elite Vinyl Figure which is highly detailed and stands approximately eight inches tall.

Among the newest additions to the Doctor Who POP! Collection is the Doctor Who Elite Glow-In-The-Light figures that is an eleventh Doctor Who figure. This exciting collection features the eleventh Doctor Who and is designed to glow in the dark! The Doctor Who POP! Figures will definitely glow in the dark when kids are playing with them!

The need blond variant of the Funko Pop! Character is available for fans of the television show Doctor Who. This exciting figure stands approximately six inches tall and includes a life-size figure of the Doctor Who himself. Included in the package are a Dalek stun gun and a Dalek jumpscare. These stunning figures are certain to be a big hit at the San Diego Comic-Con this year!

Other exciting additions to this year's collection will be the exclusive Hot Wheels POP! Vinyl Figures and the Hot Wheels Racing Stunt Bike! The metallic variants of these two items are only available at the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives booth.

Both the Dalek stun gun and the need blond variant of this Hot Wheels Dalmatian are only available at the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. The Dalmatians look like the traditional Dalmatians from Doctor Who, but the shirts are black with silver zippers and the legs are blue and metallic gold. The Hot Wheels racing bike is a bigger version of the Dalmatian, but it's a fantastic way to get both versions of this year's exclusive Pop!

The array of figures that are available for this year's SDCC exclusive Pop! celebration is huge. If you like your cute cartoons but want something slightly different then this is the collection for you. Most the figures are made from plastic but there are some exclusive pops that are made from metal. The figures are made in a variety of styles and each has their own pair of hands, feet and head.

If you love your Pop! figurines but would also like to add a little bling to them, the Hot Wheels Pop! Collection is ideal for both. There are numerous unique ways to add sparkle to your favorite characters with this year's Hot Wheels Pop!

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