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Posted by loislouise87 on August 27th, 2015

Work is not the main task of the students. In fact is more to exercise themselves, in Singapore government there are strict requirements for foreign students, must not violate relevant regulation because of doing part time job.

After 14 years old can do a part time job during the holiday

Singapore for students working on rules points that different schools students enjoy the benefits of the different background.according to manpower (MOM) singapore provisions the foreign students on a student visa in Singapore, during the holiday, can undertake legal working hours per week 16 hours, or part-time job is the school organization, which are relevant to graduate activities, and do not need a work visa.But students must be designated schools including LASALLE College of the Arts and tNanyang Academy of Fine Arts and full-time students at the national university of Singapore.

Students can through the school career guidance center ,be related to job site, acquaintance introduced to find a part time job opportunities, such as Chinese language tutor, part-time campus activities, students can find  the work is close to their expectation direction , to prepare for the formal employment.

The Singapore government for foreign student's work strict control. International students must meet certain conditions and through the application to work in Singapore.Studying in Singapore involved about working conditions requires students know ahead of time.International students in Singapore, before part-time, should know their school and Singapore government regulations, protect their own legitimate rights and interests.Students in Singapore at the time of working, may also need to provide a work permit issued by the school is to prove students work legally in Singapore.

Singapore University of technology of full-time students to apply for work and get approved, they can go out to work, according to government regulations, work time can't more than 16 hours a week.But part-time on holiday, can need not apply to the school. Work time also cannot constrain.International students in Singapore if is a special approval by the department of manpower Singapore, the migrant workers do not need to apply to schools and government, working time is the same as the university of technology,  the work time is 16 hours while learning, there is no limit to the holiday working time.

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