Make a Fashion Statement with Cotton Bath Towels

Posted by Swayam India on August 27th, 2015

The best way to judge and feel the quality of the cloth is with its soft, velvety texture to look at. Make the appeal of the cloth thinner, scratchy like a canvas for the quality and wear out fast products. Choose closely at the fabric with little loops and luxurious feel. Give your cloth the complete fullness woven together on a large scale.

The shower cloth comes up in a spa like indulgences with the perfect hue to brighten up the room. They are more practical and ornamental. Consider the size, fabric, weight, color and construction to buy shower cloth for your room.

Choose from the different materials of shower towels:

Most of the cloth is made from cotton that varies in softness, durability, absorbency and color-fastness. Fabric type focuses on most of the feature of the shower towel. Some most common fabrics:

Egyptian cotton shower cloth:

  • Most popular because of its high quality
  • Extra long and highly absorbent
  • Very long lifespan

Pima cotton:

  • Known for strong and thirsty way

Microfiber shower cloth:

  • Made up by blending of polyester and polyamide fibers
  • Grabs the dust, dirt, makeup and oil without chemicals

Organic cotton shower cloth:

  • Woven with untouched fertilizers or pesticides
  • Created with a friendly association on organic cotton cloth

Turkish cotton:

  • Made up of extra long cotton fibers
  • Known for thick and luxurious appeal.
  • Obtained as the soft, fluffy and strong appearance
  • Ideal for warm climates with excessive moisture

Bath towel size:

Choose from the best of the size according to the preferences:

Wash cloth:

  • 13*13 inches
  • Wash hands, face or body out of the shower

Bath sheet:

  • 35*60 inches to 40*70 inches
  • Gives a more luxurious feel, more coverage, oversized look

Bath cloth:

  • 27*52 inches to 30*58 inches
  • Easy to clean and hang the shower sheets

Hand cloth:

  • 16*28 inches to 18*30 inches
  • Decorative accents proved to be better in use

Finger cloth:

  • 11*18 inches
  • Used for accent bathroom décor or in guest room hand cloth

Tub mat:

  • 27*52 inches
  • Absorbent with the most protective, outside the tub or shower

Bath construction:

Improve the quality of the shower cloth with the varied soft and strong appeal.

Ring spun shower cloth:               

  • Made from twisting long and shorter fibers for smoother, finer yarn
  • Luxurious than combed cotton threads

Combed cotton:

  • Removes with the shorter threads and debris
  • Woven with the best in the type of shower cloth

Terry cloth bath towels:

  • Have larger thread loops
  • Very absorbent

Bath towel color:

Jazz up with the look of the shower cloth to pick on with the best to play off the walls, fixtures, flooring or in existing decorative accents.

  • Neutral color: Makes the best of the room elements to get all attention
  • Bold colors: Unique and patterned way to make a solid colored in interesting patterns

Determine on the space and type of cloth that work on you.

 Bath towel weighs:

Different cloth weighs differently. Where the plush towel weighs at least 21 ounces and the luxury weigh between 24 and 28 ounces.

Buy cotton bath towels from Swayam for more standard designs according to the latest trend that attain a distinct appearance. Make the unique and perfect fit to your bathroom that proves to be allergen free. They are available on budget.

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