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Posted by Mitchell on April 30th, 2021

If you are an avid collector of toys and collectibles, particularly diecast toys and memorabilia, you probably already know about the cool new line of collectible vinyl characters from Funko. Funko Pop! Is a line of vinyl figures from the popular toy maker, Hasbro. While Funko does have a wide range of licensed licenses, most figures are only available to traders, limited to a specific number of units for a time period, or are otherwise difficult to acquire. The Pop Price Guide, that tracks sales and values of Funko Pop! figures, estimates it at more than $ 4210.

The line is broken down into five collections: Baby: An all-time favorite, Baby figures feature the adorable"C" dressed up in blue and green. He comes with a back pack, a piggy bank, and a home. He also has two love-heart shaped buttons, one on each side of his nose. Mom: Mom comes in a blue and pink Funko vinyl figure. She's a piggy bank, a doll, and a bottle.

Vintage Collectors: These vintage figures feature the cute Vinton Green with his beloved dog, Poofy. He is wearing a shirt with a"V" and classic glasses. He comes with three mini Poofy dolls and a"V" button. Classic collectors will want to add this Vinyl Figure to their current collection of Funko Pop!

Wilkinson: Wilkinson is probably best known as the voice of Popeye. He played the recurring role of Bluto Podder from the Disney animated series. But he had a long and storied history in the world of diecast collectibles, most notably as the voice of Wile E. Coyote in the volatile set of the same name. Wil Atkinson is also an artist, musician, and designer, leading many pieces to the world of pop culture and collectors items.

Wilkinson is a fantastic addition to any Funko Pop! Collection as he isn't only an exceptional voice actor but he can act in some of the figures also. This makes for a excellent addition to your own collection, as each figure is different in design.

The above mentioned are just a couple of the many Wil Atkinson Pops that is available. Many of these figures can be found at most hobby stores or online retailers that offer to assemble collection. 1 reviewer however, believed that these were a little on the pricey side and wasn't willing to spend the excess money to purchase them.

Other popular stars of the Star Wars movies that make a fantastic addition to a Funko Pop! collection include Greedo, Jaws, and Yoda. All three of these vinyl figurines look great as part of a collection as they are, in fact, extremely popular. Some other figures that are amazing for your Funko Pop! Collection would be the Greedo and Jawas from the movie, The Phantom Menace, and the Emperor's shuttle and TIE fighter from the first trilogy.

These products https://uberant.com/article/1441560-how-to-explain-funko-pop-television-to-your-boss/ line originated in South Korea where they were originally created as vinyl toys. When the Korean company heard the achievement of their product lines, they chose to bring these products to the US and have them published as collectibles. You can now find a broad array of both classic and contemporary figurines in all of these popular action figures. The excellent thing about these collections is that they are not just safe for children but they are also a lot of fun to collect and trade. The best thing about these products is that you never have to worry about them being old until they sell. The new designs are coming out almost as often as the older ones and the newer figurines are just as much fun to own as the older ones!

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