Beautiful Pooja Room Plans to Preserve the Calmness of Indian Houses

Posted by vivek choudhary on April 30th, 2021

Indian houses are incomplete without a pooja room. It is our tradition to pray to God daily, and for this, it is a must to have a pooja room in your home. There is plenty of material available in the market, using which you can have a small elegant pooja room without breaking your banks.

In ancient times, every house had an enormous room dedicated to their Gods, but now in the modernized urban lifestyle, most of us have small box-like apartments. These small pooja rooms in apartment tips can be very beneficial if you fall into this category.

Vastu is very important when considered for pooja rooms; it should be situated in the north-east direction. Check here for more Vastu tips for your pooja room. 

For totally structured brass bells for pooja mandir, all the components are organized accurately, regardless of whether it's the Mandir, the icons, the adornments, or the furnishings. Here are some beautiful Pooja rooms ideas on how you can bring the best out of the space you have –

Store it clutter-free

Pooja room is all about calmness and connecting spiritually with your creator. Hence it should be kept neat and clutter-free. It should have a quiet atmosphere, and only things related to buy pooja chowki online should be kept here to maintain the room's serenity. Avoid using large idols or many frames.

Pooja area alongside your window

Not everyone has the space to have a room separate for pooja; hence this tiny Buy Diya Online idea might help you. Select any window in the northeast direction of your house and build a temple there. Here you will not add many frames or idols, but this will be a good pooja room option for you. Only keep essentials here and do not clutter the space. It is very important to use your space wisely.

White marble prayer room

To maintain the serenity of the pooja room, white marbles are the best. They give away the perfect atmosphere of calmness and peace. These marbles will bring richness to the room and give a soothing touch to space. If you have small spaces, you can also build a small marble standing Mandir.

Add warm lights

Adding Brass Temple Diya Online is the best way to bring elegance to the room. This is a very good trick in a small pooja room idea as it will take away the focus from the limited space available and will not cost much. Opt for ambient lighting and not bright or spot lights.

Keep the focus of the light on the idols or the frames, and the light should not over brighten the room, snatching away the very purpose of the light, that is, to maintain a peaceful atmosphere

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