Top reasons to provide active shooter training to your employees

Posted by Defender School LLC on April 30th, 2021

According to some stats, there were about 300 active shooter cases reported in America in the past two decades. These mass shooting incidents can occur in schools, streets, shopping malls, and even in workplaces. Talking about workplaces, about 500 workplace homicides were reported within a single year that was 2016 and about 2 million employees are victimized by workplace violence incidents every year in the US. With such an increasing rate of active shooting incidents in America and other countries in the world, active shooter response training can keep you alert and safe. If you own a business, the following are the top reasons why you must provide active shooter training to your employees:

Providing active shooter training to your employees gives them peace of mind while they're at work. With the stats mentioned above, there is a possibility that your employees may not feel safe while they are working. Taking the employees to an Active Shooter Response Training Center or providing them professional training at their workplace will give them the confidence, skill, and knowledge to deal with such a situation.

You may be providing a good salary package and other benefits to your employees but providing them workplace violence training or active shooter training comes as another crucial benefit for them. It's like health insurance only but it keeps the employees safe when an unexpected situation of panic occurs. Providing them with the benefit of workplace violence training will prove how much you value your employees. It will have a positive effect on their work engagement, will make them more loyal, and can even boost their productivity.

When an active shooter incident or workplace violence activity takes place within a business facility, a huge amount is to be spent on the compensation coverage. You have to pay for the medical bills and the counseling of all of the employees affected by any unfortunate accident like an active shooter incident. It is possible that you may have to pay a fine if you fail to prepare your employees or unable to protect them from workplace violence. Active shooter response courses prepare your employees well and keep them alert if such a situation of panic happens. They will be able to save their lives and the lives of others too. The lesser the number of casualties and damage, the less would be the compensation.

In conclusion, any workplace violence will cause damage to your employees and your company's reputation. It is better to seek the help of an active shooter training provider to avoid such a situation and ensure the safety of you and your employees. You can consider "Defender School" that offers professional Active Shooter Response Training in Orlando. The firm provides effective courses for employees, families, and students to deal with the situation of an active shooter. These courses are available at the center and online for effective learning. For more information, you can visit their website

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