Which Is The Better Offer: Cashback Or Discount?

Posted by amrina alshaikh on April 30th, 2021

Which Is The Better Offer: Cashback Or Discount?

LazyPay Has Offers in Plenty

LazyPay, everyone's favorite new credit app, is offering several merchants cashback and discount offers. Browse through your favorite shopping places and merchants and see what options you have to buy and save money.

Cashback is an offer where the consumer spends money at a merchant or shopping place, and a certain percentage of the bill is refunded as a coupon or points to be used in the next transaction at the same merchant.

Discounts are upfront offers where the consumer is transacting, and a certain amount of the bill is reduced according to the terms of the discount.

Discounts Give Immediate Gratification

For many customers, discounts are the best option, as it offers an immediate benefit. You can immediately look at the non-discounted price and compare it with the discounted price to see how much you're saving.

In comparison to this, it is often difficult for people to understand how much they'll save due to a cashback, or they may even worry they will forget to use the cashback.

Why Choose Cash Back Offers?

The utility of cashback offers is most clear when you are going to a merchant repeatedly. For phone recharges, or groceries, and so on, there will be a clear pattern for where you will need to go.

In this case, cashback can be an excellent investment, as you are certain to need it. Moreover, such websites or merchants will often support their loyal consumers by offering loyalty credit or points which can be redeemed after a time.

In this case, the cashback may accumulate and be a better option overall.

Choose Your Offers Wisely And Enjoy Spending

Now that you know how to choose whether you use cashback or discount, log in to LazyPay or your shopping place of choice and enjoy many offers!


1. When should I go for a cashback offer then?

Cashback offers can be an excellent choice for loyalty customers. If you are satisfied with a brand or a store, then the offer can be a more significant overall saving than a standard discount. The decision you should make is whether you are likely to return to a particular store or brand. If you do not, then the offer is likely to be wasted.

2. How do I choose Lazypay's Vodafone cashback offer?

All you have to do is recharge with the minimum amount mentioned in their terms and conditions, and you will automatically get your Vodafone cashback offer for your next recharge. Don't forget to use it within the stipulated time! 

3. How do I receive Lazypay's Milkbasket offer?

To use Lazypay's Milkbasket offer, transact on Milkbasket through Lazypay's pay later option. If you have fulfilled the terms and conditions, then the offer will automatically be available in your account for your next transaction.

4. Will a cashback have a minimum transaction condition?

Usually, both cash backs and discounts have minimum transaction requirements, but it will depend on the individual offer's terms and conditions.  

Download theLazyPay app, get your credit limit and enjoy making those purchases like you never have !!!

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