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Posted by Reshav Singh on August 28th, 2015

Tourists from around the world are booking flights to New York not only to spend another holiday in a metropolitan area but to feel the refreshment of nature as well. There are numerous parks and gardens where you can spend some time while admiring the magnificent natural surroundings and inhaling pure air.

While enjoying holidays in New York, visiting the botanical gardens mentioned below is a must:

New York Botanical Garden

NYBG is among the most notable botanical gardens in the USA. The garden is strategically located in Bronx Park and spans over 100 hectares. It was built in 1891 and since then entices thousands of visitors every year. The ground is home to 50 gardens and extensive plant collections. The Peggy Rockfeller Rose Garden and Rock Garden are among the most visited gardens in NYBG.

Cascade of waterfalls is another feature that enhances the beauty of the garden. While strolling around the old-growth New York Forest, you would come across trees of American beeches, oaks, tulip, birch, cherry and white ash. The forest is divided into two parts by the Bronx River. The garden also features research facilities which include a propagation center.

Lasdon Park and Arboretum

It is a public park home to different gardens and an arboretum. The arboretum spans over 30 acres and comprises of an open grass meadow, woodlands and a Chinese Friendship Pavilion. In Formal Gardens, you would come across shrubs, trees and flowers from around the world. Azalea Garden always remains in the top priorities for people booking New York flights. As the name suggests, the garden is full of pink, white, magenta, lavender, yellow and red azaleas.

Your visit to Lasdon Park would be incomplete without visiting Dogwoods. This garden is home to over 80 dogwood trees taken from various countries which are being used for research project to find effective cure for dogwood diseases.

Other worth-mentioning gardens are Dwarf Conifer Collection, Magnolias and American Chestnuts.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

BBG is among the most intriguing attractions in the borough of Brooklyn. It is widely known for its specialty gardens. There are numerous specialty gardens but following are the most popular ones:

1. The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden 

This was the first ever Japanese Garden to be developed in any of the public gardens in the entire country. It was designed by Takeo Shiota, a renowned Japanese landscape designer. The garden features fusion of hill-and-pond and stroll-garden style. Artificial waterfall, island, pond and hills are the discerning features of the garden.

2. The Shakespeare Garden 

C. Folger, founder of Folger Shakespeare library donated this garden. It is a kind of English Cottage Garden and exhibits over 80 plants that had been named in poems and plays of the celebrated playwright.

3. The Children's Garden 

It is the oldest children's garden in the world which is still operating. It was opened in 1914 and since then every year number of kids register themselves with the garden.

4. Steinhardt Conservatory

The conservatory demonstrates indoor plant collection in different climate controlled pavilions. Other prominent features of the conservatory are C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum, the Robert W. Wilson Aquatic House and an art gallery.

People booking flights to New York consider visiting the city's botanical gardens that feature variety of plant, trees and flowers.

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