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Posted by Amelie Richards on April 30th, 2021

When many people consider the art and science of painting repair, classic works of art spring to mind. It's true that a great deal of painting repair, in London and beyond, is based around restoring vintage canvases to their former glories. Any art collector knows that contemporary art conservation is just as critical to maintaining a collection, though.

Contemporary art conservation in London gallery is one of the many services provided by Simon Gillespie. The definition of contemporary art is broad but is widely considered to include any work created after the age of Modern Art. This suggests that any work created from the 1980s or beyond would be considered contemporary.

Contemporary art conservation is an interesting topic, as it raises questions surrounding artist intent. When working with classic works of art, it is often clear what a painter had in mind. Standards of beauty have changed, as have definitions of realism, which opens up new debates for conservators – should the painting be restored exactly as it was created, or modernised to reflect current sensibilities?

In the field of contemporary art conservation, our London-based painting conservators are faced with further considerations. The rise of surrealism and the use of colour in contemporary art leaves artist intention particular open to discussion and consideration. With contemporary art conservation, artists will frequently still be living and working. This invites consultation with creators but opens the door for blurring the lines between original intent and contemporary wishes. As skills develop and artists mature, their work evolves with them.

One thing is beyond doubt, however. Contemporary art conservation remains essential, in London and across the world. No matter the age of a work of art, disaster can befall a canvas. Panting repair in London is a specialist service of Simon Gillespie, and no restrictions are placed on the age of work. If the paint is flaking, a canvas is ripped and torn or a painting stained, Simon Gillespie offers conservation services. 

Our services pertaining to contemporary art conservation in London utilise all the latest technology, ensuring that the work retains its original aesthetic appeal. As with all painting repair, any art that enters our gallery in need of repair will be returned to the owner in a state of full reparation. While the field of contemporary art conservation is still evolving, and education ongoing, Simon Gillespie have established himself as masters of the trade.

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