Driving Lessons Dulwich: Things Taught in One Such Course

Posted by CesarMuler on August 29th, 2015

They say driving lessons are the most comprehensive of courses when it comes to teaching practical skills. That is very true as long as you have found yourself the right provider. It is amazing how much you can learn on a 47 hours course, both theoretically and practically.  Driving lessons Dulwich are holistic and involve multiple chapters each of which are intuitively designed to impart education related to vehicle driving.

The chapters are sequenced in order preparing a candidate for the driving test that comes after. When you enrol with some driving lessons Chislehurst, here is what you get to learn.

The Drivers’ Drill

At the very first stage, the trainees are taught about the seating position. Added with that, youwill learn the things that you need to check before you turn on the ignition, like the seatbelts, doors, windows, pedals, etc. You will learn how to adjust the seat to a particular angle so that both comfort and safety are ensured.

Move and Pull Over

The first thing is to learn to get the car moving and stop when needed. This is perhaps the most difficult part as it is fraught with the challenges of proper identification of the pedals, familiarizing with the gear functions and having control over the vehicle. Acceleration comes much later.

So, you here you’ll get to learn all about the simultaneous process of operating the clutch, gear and gas. They also teach you to observe blind spots through the rear view mirror. Even moving up and downhill is also taught at this level.

The Intersection Etiquette

The driving lessons Chislehurst candidates are taught the priorities of a driven when approaching an intersection. The M-S-M routine is taught here as well as details of signals, vehicle position and speed.

You are taught constantly check the mirror for oncoming and adjoining vehicles and look straight ahead to know if the junction is clear or it is still clogged with vehicles. You are asked to keep an eye out for pedestrians and parked cars around.

Emergency Stoppage

Stopping at a distance or in urgency requires you to understand the braking functions of a vehicle. Supposing that a pedestrian, or an animal comes in the way out of the blue, a quick reaction can save both the parties from a confirmed accident. This requires emergency mirror check, pushing the brake to the floor and more.

This is where you get to learn all about making emergency stoppages in wet road conditions, inclement weathers, exigent situations and more. Pulling the brake at 40, 30 and 20 mph is taught with mock trials. In any case, the instructors recommend the trainees to watch the speed at all times.

Practical driving lessons Dulwich involve teaching reversing around the corner, parallel parking, road turning, roundabouts and more.

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