Structural Integration, also known as ASL, is a form of bodywork which foc">

Understanding Structural Integration

Posted by Lancaster Gundersen on April 30th, 2021

Structural Integration, also known as ASL, is a form of bodywork which focuses on the fascia, or ligament, of the body. Facia surrounds the muscles, tendons, vessels, nerves, and blood vessels, binding some skeletal structures together while allowing others to glide smoothly along each other. This helps to make certain that our bodies are well balanced and correctly aligned. However, sometimes fascia can become weakened, for various reasons. If it occurs it can lead to serious body asymmetry, called subluxation. Subluxation of the fascia occurs when pressure builds up in one part of the body and doesn't move out to the location where it is supposed to be. By way of example, when you have chronic tension or prolonged stress in the throat, the subluxation may lead to serious problems, leading to neck pain and headaches. The strain can cause damage to the ligament that allows gravity to pull on your nerve and result in headaches. This is the exact same basic principle as what happens when you put a piece of weight before a table and attempt to remove it. Subluxation is an issue that most people have had or will have in their lives. Even if you do not suffer from chronic stress or tension, daily life presents many challenges which involve the use of the head, shoulders, back, and neck. Due to all these interactions, bad posture can develop and even manifest itself in many of ways. These problems can give rise to chronic back pain, headaches, neck pain, chronic pain in the shoulders, shortness of breath, poor balance and coordination, and much more. The goal of Structural Integration is to remove or reduce the force which is exerted on the body by the weight shift from one position to another. If there is poor posture, the force on the musculoskeletal system is higher than optimal. This creates imbalances which lead to stiffness, pain, and other related issues. The various techniques of the therapy include the Application of Force, Application of Gravity, and Soft Stretching. The first technique of Structural Integration is what's referred to as the application of gravity. So as to execute this technique, a professional therapist will take a patient's posture and adjust it in such a manner that forces are evenly dispersed. This leads to a reduction in both neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, and chronic stress. 울산출장마사지 Patients find this form of integration to be quite helpful in relieving their pain and reducing their risk for injury. The next technique is soft stretching, also called RFD. If there is poor posture, the RFD technique addresses both stamina and poor flexibility of the muscles and connective tissues that support the body. The connective tissues are lengthened and strengthened by the stretching exercises, which are then supported by the bodywork. In addition, once the fascia is lengthened, there's diminished friction between the muscle fibers, thus lessening the chance for further strain and injury. The third technique is the application of Gravity. The concept of Gravity involves an effective balance of resistance and compression between the bodywork and the individual parts. This is most widely used in chiropractic manipulation, in which the manipulation of the joints and the bones results in a decompression of the backbone, reducing the likelihood for further neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Other common areas of Gravity practice include the diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), or osteoarthritis of the knee or knee, and Facet Arthropathy or Facet Syndrome. In the event of osteoarthritis of the knee or hips, rolfing techniques such as the application of gravity can decrease stiffness and pain. So as to use the concepts of structural integration correctly, a certified massage therapist should master both the principles of rolfing and the use of gravity. A set of tests and assessments is necessary for certification by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). To become a certified massage therapist, an individual must demonstrate a two-year diploma from an accredited massage therapy school, as well as pass state certification examinations. Individuals that are looking to begin a career in the field of massage therapy can be wise to learn both the fundamentals of rolfing and the use of gravity.

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