Different Types of Exercise Bikes with Awesome Features - Which One is Best for

Posted by sofia comas on April 30th, 2021

Exercise bikes provide a great cardio workout along with a lot of fitness benefits. They increase muscle tone, strengthen your legs, and can be great for burning fat too. But with so many exercise bikes on the market, how do you find the right one for you? Here are a couple of folding bikes in Malaysia you can pick from. 

  • Upright exercise bike

Also referred to as a static exercise bike, this type of bike is the most common home workout equipment. This position when exercising is similar to a shopper bicycle and these are the most affordable type of bike to buy, especially for a person who doesn’t exercise regularly. An upright bike is also the ideal option if you are looking for a compact exercise bike and are an excellent low-impact option to improve your muscle tone and strengthen your legs along with a great cardio workout.

  • Recumbent exercise bike

These folding bikes in Malaysia provide a similar type of workout to the upright exercise bikes and allow you to sit in a position that supports your back. This folding bike centers on exercising comfort and is perfect for people who are recovering from knee or back injuries rather than using an upright bike. It helps to focus your attention on your glutes and has slightly more impact on your lower stomach muscles as compared to other bikes.

  • Indoor cycling or studio bikes

These bikes can be used by individuals who are exercising for a marathon or regularly cycle to work. These folding bikes have a greater range of resistance as compared to traditional exercise bikes which simulate the gears and hills compared to the outdoors. The saddle is also high as the bike handle and it comes at an entry-level and an expert level compact exercise bike that can be adapted as per your preference.

  • Self-powered exercise bikes

For this piece of workout equipment, you don’t require any power. This means that you don’t need to worry about placing the bike near a socket or getting it tangled up in wires. You can place it anywhere in your home and the generator inside produced enough power for the machine to run. These bikes are more on the expensive side but if you are looking to buy them then it also has a self-powered upgrade option.

  • Interactive exercise bikes

Interactive or smart exercise bikes are similar to studio bikes and have an additional screen which can be connected to a range of program or apps. These programs can be to check your fitness level, group cycling apps, and also connecting with friends. Some smart bikes will automatically adjust the resistance according to your apps and workout mode – while they are on the costlier side, they are a great example of an interactive exercise bike.

In Conclusion,

Everyone prefers a different bike style and type and with so many brands around, you need to go for a simple, effective, and durable bike that won’t break the bank. This will also depend on how much you cycle, if you are doing it for fun or training for an event, the type of resistance you need, and much more. Keep these pointers in mind and do some research to find the ideal bike either online or at your local store, you can even try out the bike and find one you are comfortable with before going ahead and purchasing it. This will allow you to buy and keep a bike you love for many years to come.

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