Your Chances of Being Accepted For Bad Credit Phone Contracts

Posted by James joined on August 31st, 2015

Bad credit can prevent you from getting approved for a mobile phone contract. Most mobile service providers want to make sure that their subscribers can pay their bills on time, and because you have a history of late payments, they may deny your application. The good news is that, there are mobile service providers that are offering bad credit phone contracts. These contracts usually cost higher than regular mobile phone contracts, but they are a good choice nonetheless. Getting approved may help you improve your credit score.

Note that not everyone qualifies for bad credit phone contracts; in fact, some people still get rejected. Reasons vary from one mobile service provider to another, but they usually have something to do with your capacity to pay or your ability to commit to monthly payments. To ensure that your application is accepted, you have to choose carefully the right type of ‘no credit check’ contract.

You can increase your chances of being accepted for a bad credit phone contract when you shop around for options online. There are companies that can help you secure the best contract phone, even if you have the worst credit score. These companies can help you find the most affordable and the latest bad credit mobile deals you can afford. You don’t have to pay anything to apply for a bad credit phone contract online. The company will send a free quote. From there, you can choose the mobile phone and tariffs that you prefer, and wait for the decision.

Look for a company that specialises in bad credit mobile phone contract online, but make sure that they are connected to the country's top providers to get the highest-quality service. You can improve your chances of being approved for a bad credit phone contract when you find the right ‘no credit check’ mobile phone contract.  You can choose between pay monthly contracts and sim-only mobile phone contracts.

Sim-only contracts will only provide you with a sim card, so you need to have your mobile phone to get this no credit check the mobile contract. This deal lets you enjoy competitive rates on texts, data services, and calls with a lower monthly fixed rate. Pay monthly contracts come with a mobile phone, and they are recommended for subscribers who want a new handset without paying for the phone upfront. However, keep in mind that a pay monthly contract will tie you to the contract for 12, 18, or 24 months and that the monthly fees are fixed.

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This article is written by James Taylor. James joined MobilePlan in 2015 at the launch of the company. He is the Marketing Manager at MobilePlan and has a lot of experience in marketing which they help oversee for the company. MobilePlan is UK’s top destination for the latest and most affordable bad credit mobile deals. They help the consumers who have bad credit history or have been previously refused to get a mobile phone contract. They also help you get offers that would easily fit your needs and budget.

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