Brake Caliper: Know How To Its Functions To Avoid Accidents

Posted by wooshinindustry on September 1st, 2015

A brake calliper is arguably an essential automotive brake part that augments the capacity of a vehicle to come to a halt when the driver slams on the brake. If you notice, then you will find disc brakes in most of the cars plying today, but in the front wheel. Well, technology and application is changing in bounds so the use of disc brakes for trucks or cars in the rear is also quite common, nowadays. A disc brake calliper functions by putting a screeching brake to wheels of a car. Read on to learn about how a calliper works.

A Caliper functions to evade Accidents

Observe closely a disc brake. You will find the car’s wheels strongly attached to rotors or metal discs that simultaneously spin with the wheels. When a calliper causes friction along with the rotors, it helps to slow down the speed of a car. Have a look at the brake calliper that clamps on the rotor strongly. Find a pair of metal plates in a calliper, which are also known as brake pads. There is an inboard brake pad placed inside and an outboard brake pad placed outside of the rotor. Now, the question is what exactly happens when you stamp down the brake?

The brake forces fluid present in it to flow from the master cylinder that induces hydraulic pressure. The pressure is then forced on the piston that is fitted in the brake calliper thus creating a friction between the brake pads and the rotor. The idea is to create very high-friction with the brake pads to help slows down the rotor and even bring it to a full halt without accidents. As the rotor slows or stops, the wheels do the same thus enabling the driver to evade any kind of collision and accident.

Needless to say, the challenge is to manufacture callipers with unmatched service and functioning mechanism. Woo Shin Industries Co., Ltd., a well-known brake caliper manufacturer in Korea is popularly known for producing rear disc brake caliper in Korea. The company boasts of its own team of professionals capable of producing products to customers’ satisfaction and at reasonable price without compromises. The company pledges to focus on R & D development and up-to-date machinery for better quality products. Unlike many companies proficient in producing front brake calliper, the company is celebrated for being rear and front brake caliper manufacturer in Korea.

You can find motorcycle brake calliper, truck brake calliper, performance brake calliper, and so on. When the piston moves away from the calliper, you need a handy brake calliper tool to retract the piston right back to the calliper. This aids you to quickly replace or remove the brake pads. Remember this that a piston cannot be pushed back in the calliper but it has to wounded back. Know this that the calliper tool strongly fits on the piston so that you can pull that handle which is on the other end to rotate it effectively.

Before you take a ride in your truck or car, make sure that the brake calliper in the rear and front is working fine. A reliable purchase can only ensure so.

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