Virtual Cloud Platform Enhances Data Access and Storage Experience

Posted by Nyc Escort4u on September 1st, 2015

Summary: The article contains information about Connectloud, a company specializing in solutions based on cloud platform.

With only 1/3rd of earths population connected to the internet and the Internet of Things emerging as the biggest churn event for the Internet in the coming decade, virtualization of applications into cloud based architecture is becoming mission critical for all businesses.

Benefits Through the Platform

Through the platform of cloud computing, IT professionals all over the globe are providing value to their customers by providing them access to their software, infrastructure or storage platforms from any corner of the world with utmost safety and security through any Internet connection. With various services being provided, cloud platform enables a catalog of customized options depending on different needs and cost structures, with some carefully tailoring services for pre-existing clients while others focusing on acquiring potential customers. Secure private cloud is provided to vendors at minimal cost with various add on options. Virtualization of business is therefore making huge impact on overall network deployments

Several IT companies who offer cloud services to their end customers where all the crucial information storage and data applications are stored as well as being accessed through the Internet have seen the benefits they can offer to their clients with hyper-converged infrastructure. Breaking the norms of hardware and software bundled solutions such companies are opening up to long-term solutions that are software based and will retain flexibility of change long term pursuant to the most cost effective solutions.

Integrally once end customers are tied into these company's software clouds, services and platform, the tendency will be to stay since the solution is most cost effective and able to stay on the lead edge of developments. Hyper-Converged Cloud Platform Software is hence the cutting edge of cloud solutions and making huge impact on all business.

The secure private cloud mechanism of cloud computing includes a completely secure set up of cloud based environment which provides privacy in which only the particular client is able to use and operate the system data. In comparison to other cloud models, private clouds give access of computing as a service within a protected virtually designed environment using a sound system of physical computing and programming mechanism. By giving access to only the particular vendor for the virtual data platform under the private cloud model there is greater control and privacy.

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